ByBen Lateu, writer at

The DUFF is a reasonably funny teen movie with a good message, it dosent set a new bar for the genre but it does enough to be entertaining on a comedic and dramatic level. The DUFF's plot is nothing more than you would expect from a teen movie, and is very generic however this is not necessarily a bad thing, as the plot is entertaining and funny. The acting in this film is very good my favourite choice being Robbie Amell, who did an exceptional job playing a character with two sides. Also Mae Whitman who played the lead character did a great job, in portraying a role which required a lot of emotional scenes which was done really well. The cinematography in this film is not really noticeable, except from maybe one scene which was done really well at the start of the film, however it is not the kind of film that needs groundbreaking cinematography to make it what it is. The jokes in this film are quiet good yet sometimes cheesy and a bit crude, but mainly good funny. This film should be recommended to anyone who wants to see a comedy that Isn't mindless and instead is quiet funny and coupled with some very good acting.


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