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I have been unsure about this film since I heard they were going to be teenagers, and when I seen the first trailer I was not much more impressed. Let me just say much like my BvS leaked article I was sorely wrong. This trailer ruled! We get everything whilst still getting nothing, more of the plot is revealed we know how they get their powers and we see each of the fours individual powers and it is awesome. That's not the coolest part no the coolest part is what comes next, DOOM we get our first look at Doom. Now the first time I watched it (of course I have watched it multiple times) I didn't like it but after a few times I realized it is so much better than the last one and he actually looks scary! The trailer is linked above check it out.

This has been a fantastic weekend for trailers (pun intended). We have seen Ant-Man, Star Wars, BvS and Fantastic Four. Follow me on this and read my articles on BvS and Ant-Man.

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