ByChristopher Stoll, writer at

As you know, anticipation for the upcoming Start Wars movie kicked into high gear with a recently released trailer.

The trailer brought its fair share of surprises, and while we’re sure to get our share of action, intrigue, and world-building, I was disappointed to see that Star Wars has not yet hinted at resolving its REAL central narrative-:
The galaxy-spanning love between father and droid.

Sure spaceship battles, gorgeous cinematography, well written dialogue, and an exciting cast of characters new and old is “what fans want”... but when are the plot threads that Lucas so carefully laid in his groundbreaking prequel trilogy going to be resolved?

When will we see c-3po resolve his abandonment issues with his android father?

That’s really why we’re all still invested in this series, and I hope that the writers clue into that before it gets drowned out amidst the flurry of fantastic fights, dramatic reveals, and heartbreaking death scenes that modern cinema demands.

I know what you are thinking, “But, Darth Vader is dead! And his death was perfect!”

Well, with the judicious application of Midi-chlorians I’m sure we can fix that. Or perhaps Darth Vader could really be several ewoks stuffed in a suit of scavenged armor, glub glubbing their way through a tearful reunion with c-3po. and nurturing his desire to leave his programming behind and become a maintenance droid.

When c-3po and his ewok-father finally come to fistycuffs over the droid’s blossoming kleptomania (see above), I promise you that there won’t be a dry eye in the house.

Oscar gold.

I am not asking for money or credit for these ideas, seeing Star Wars finally deliver on the potential we’ve been waiting six movies for is thanks enough.



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