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Whether Marvel fans like it or not, 20th Century Fox is putting out a new version of "Fantastic Four." The second trailer for the film dropped on Sunday, and it has certainly changed this haters mind.

The trailer runs almost three minutes, and unlike the last one it gives us a bit more back story on the tale that 20th Century Fox is getting set to tell. I wasn't prepared to buy - well I would have, reluctantly - but after seeing this trailer I think I'm 90% in on "Fantastic Four."

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Do you want to know why? It appears from this trailer that they have gotten the nature of the characters down. I really like the way that Michael B. Jordan is portraying Johnny Storm, and Miles Teller is totally selling the lonely awkward genius that is Reed Richards. Kate Mara seems to be breathing new life into Sue Storm, and it looks like the graphics department has gotten a pretty good handle on what I want to see out of the Thing.

Yes. I was hating on this film after the first trailer. I was hating on it when they told me about the background story of Doctor Doom. But I just kept saying to myself, "In Kinberg I trust." I think that trust is starting to pay off.

Now, we get a look at Doctor Doom. You know what? Not too bad.

20th Century Fox
20th Century Fox

Let's be honest. The first two "Fantastic Four" films were bad. Sure, they did a pretty good job with the Silver Surfer, but over all not great.

What I'm saying is, maybe it's time to look at this contemporary retelling of the origin story of Marvel's first family, or however they're trying to sell it, and I'm pretty interested in what I'm seeing.

It doesn't seem overly dark, but it doesn't seem as cartoonish and campy as its predecessors. It' time for us as fans to give this "Fantastic Four" a chance.


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