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The first official teaser trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice[Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870)was set to be released internationally on Tuesday, but it ended up being released five days early. Now, as planned, Zack Snyder has tweeted two posters teasing tomorrow's IMAX event that will show lucky fans an exclusive trailer...



These were pretty much expected. After seeing all of the fanart for the past two years, I am not surprised at all. Nonetheless, these are official, so they are worth analyzing.

Batman looks amazing!

Ben Affleck as Batman
Ben Affleck as Batman

We've seen the Batman suit many times and now we get a clearer look at the Batfleck's face. I don't mean to point out the obvious, but the Man of Steel logo that looks painted over his face has a nice touch. It's as if a pro-Superman person took Batman's picture and quickly painted the Kryptonian symbol of hope. Or you know, a Batman v Superman worker was just trying to make this look absolutely badass.

We've seen this Superman before...

...or have we? The hairstyle of Cavill in this poster is very similar to the hairstyle he had in Man of Steel.

I love the use of the red filter on the blue background. The two main colors in his face looks like it's glowing from his heat vision. The printed paper cut into the Batman logo has a nice effect as well.

Overall, the whole Batman or Superman thing is strong in these

The logos are over each other's eyes! Doesn't that scream "versus" to you? You will have to choose a side. Batman or Superman. Though they are heroes, this fight will be a huge part of the movie. The posters being separate is very appropriate.

For the first time, these two heroes will face off and... eventually fight side-by-side. The interesting thing will be how do they become friends? How long does it take Batman to understand that Superman is good at heart?

The (fictional) fight of the century is coming.

One of the titles considered for this film was Man of Steel: Fight or Flight. The phrase is the response to danger. Do you face it or get away from it? Of course the "flight" part isn't usually literal, but in this case, Superman can fly, making this possible title clever. I still believe it would make an awesome tagline.

It's finally happening!

The DC Cinematic Universe is ascending. Superman...with Batman. It all feels surreal to me and I'm unbelievably craving more content!


Batman or Superman?

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