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Music to me is a very powerful thing to me. i love to sing and listen to music. i am in B-1 its a show choirs that you dance and sing in. i have a lot of fun doing b-1. i was also in a play called Shrek the musical. i was at Bartow high school with a lot of very talented people. those very talented people are grace, Lucas, Jacob, Jordan, Hailey. they are the very first people i met while in the play. if you see a picture, that's my family. my dad isn't there because my mom and my dad got divorced but we are one big happy family. my mom is the one with the red hair her name is Shelley, my two sisters are the ones with the dark hair there names are Shelby and Brandie. i am the one with the blonde hair. my dad is the best father i could ever have his name is Ricky. my mom is 42 years and beautiful, my sister Brandie is 21 and she is moving to new York to follow her dream of becoming a actor/singer my best friend , and my sister Shelby is 16 and awesome, me and her fight a lot but then go back to sisters and finally me i am Emily and i am 12 years old. my step dad is someone my mom met after she got divorced. he loves my mom and my sisters very much and he someone my mom will be with sisters are really good at singing. in the play i was little Fiona and a rat. i have really good grades. As and B's. one of my best buds is ja'bree Johnson. me and her are almost like sisters. i love to play around with her. she can get ghetto, sweet, and mad. i know the question you are asking why does she get mad i answer that question with this answer because she doesn't like when people talk about her and she is not one of those people that when you share a secret with her she doesn't tell people she keeps it to herself. i wrote this article because i wanted to share the passion of music with you and my life with you

sincerely, Emily Perez


how many of you like my article more like a paragraph?


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