ByBrian Patrow, writer at
I am a Horror film fan. By far the best genre!

Hello movie fans,

I have recently made my own account for Moviepilot and I am very impress with this website. The post I have read from people is quite amazing. There would be posts in this site about movies I never thought of. I learn a lot from this web than IMDB, however IMDB is also a great website . To the people that work and study films keep up the good work. Keep commenting, keep posting, and love movies!

I enjoy this site and I hope my posts are fun to read. I love movies and I'll keep enjoying them until the day I die! With Moviepilot I can now read or watch from other movie fans on what they think or know about a certain movie.

In closing keep up the good work movie fans. You guys are the best movie critics and observers!


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