ByBrad Dee, writer at

In recent months, Brian Michael Bendis has done an amazing job of finishing off as many storylines as possible before the door closes for both him and his X-men team. He has taken Cyclops to parts unknown, brought back a fan favorite in Havok, finished the storyline about the most powerful mutant out there(in an amazing fashion), and explained what the mutant revolution is truly about. What can he do next before the next issue of the series? How about a road trip between Majik and Kitty Pryde to Monster Island to rescue a new mutant before he/she could be killed. This issue helps to remind us that this comic series is not just a action series between mutants and their foes. It's also a series about rescuing people out there who are deemed as "different".

Bendis as always brings in sources from the real world that display what happens when our child grows up to be something that we don't expect. What do parents do with them? Do they stick and love them no matter how different they might be, or do they remove them from the equation and pretend that they never existed? Kitty and Ilyanna deliver a very heart-wrenching story about survival, racism and what it's like to be different. Of course, many readers might be concerned with the approach that Bendis takes with this issue knowing that the series finale is right around the corner, and there are still a large number of loose ends that need to be completed before "Secret Wars" takes over the marvel universe. But, this issue displays what the true purpose of the X-men has always been. They are there to protect, teach and help those that society feels is not "normal". It's important that bendis reminds us of this, after seeing how Cyclops has helped to destroy how mankind sees the X-men in recent years. One could wish that we had more time to see stories like this one more often. I give this issue a 8 out of 10, and it's an excellent "in-between" issue before the real fireworks begin in the next issue.


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