ByBrad Dee, writer at

Bunn has brought a number of demons to the forefront of the Magneto series as of late, and he has done so in a way that reminds us of the horrors that Magnus has faced over the years to become the man that he is now. Those horrors have also brought decisions that have had to be made, some of which were positive decisions and some were done to prevent more dread from happening(no matter who gets hurt). This issue again displays those decisions and shows the depth that Magneto will go to stop Genosha from becoming another concentration camp, like what he lived through during the days of World War 2.

The true testament of this issue comes from the amazing art of Gabriel Malta, who does both flashback sequences in vivid detail(some of which are gruesome because they are true) and present horrors that man should not have to face again. In terms of the flashback scenes, the art is breathtaking in terms of its coloring, and it's displays of the color red as the only true visibility that stands out(similar to "shindlers list"). The villain of this story is a true demon in the heart of Magnus, and seeing a vulnerable Magneto not only try to keep up appearances, but make what must be one of the hardest decisions of his lengthy existence is well worth the price of admission and sets the stage for even more to come. Bunn successfully turned a series that should be seen as a superhero book into a horror story, and he did it with some amazing writing and art. I recommend this comic and I name is "comic of the week". I give it a 9 out of 10.


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