ByBrad Dee, writer at

Jason Aaron continues to give us a mystery about the identity of the new Thor and he does it in a method that is not "straight forward" like other comics and still finds ways to give us hints throughout. This issue, we get yet another character who might be the new Thor as Roz was displayed in the first few pages talking to Coulson(who again made a cameo) and talking about the hammer. Is Roz the new Thor or is she yet another name that will be crossed off the list? Well, we gotta wait one more issue to find out, but in this one, we got some incredible art again by Russell Dauterman who displayed all his talents during the huge Destroyer verses Thor battle that took up a majority of the issue.

This issue continued the storyline that has been present in the last few months of the Thor book regarding Odin's quest to take down the new Thor and to get the hammer back. In recent issues, he has made deals with characters of ill-reform and now, he has chosen to send down the Destroyer to get back what he feels is rightfully his. Also, in recent issues, Odinson has made a list, ad has been checking off names as he figures out who may, or may not be, the new Thor. By the end of this issue, most of those names will be crossed off as we get set for the finale next month, and the revelation that we have waited 8 months for. Will we be disappointed? Regardless of the outcome, many fans will be because this series will take a 5 month hiatus as we make room for "Secret Wars". Will that hurt this series is a whole different question though. Amazing art and some quick writing once again makes this series(and this issue) a must-read on anyone's list. I give this issue a 8 out of 10. I can't wait for the next part.


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