ByBrad Dee, writer at

When Wolverines began, the series focused on the redemption of the Weapons, but also about the actions that Mystique would end up doing by the end of the series. In the first issue, we knew that Mystique would end up doing something that would destroy this team. What was it was a mystery, and to this point, that storyline has gone next to nowhere. Mystique has been moving her pieces around on the board while some terrible writing has taken place involving Mr. Sinister, the X-men, Fang and now the return of Siphon who can absorb and take healing powers from other mutants.

This issue does give a brief confusing origin of Siphon, and also throws in a guest appearance by Blade and Portal(from Darkhawk....if anyone remembers him) for some reason(why??No clue honestly). Ray Fawkes again delivers an issue that does nothing to the overall storyline of this series, and starts a new story about Daken's revenge on the man who stole his healing factor. I find it amazing that he's more mad at him then he is at Mr. Sinister who took his eye and arm and almost killed him....but that's what bad writing does. I still believe that somewhere there is a direction that this series is SLOWLY leading to, but as a reader, we have had to sit through mindless rubble to discover it. Even the last issue, which was excellent, served no purpose to the overall storyline(and it was the best issue of this series). The issue of course ends with a cliffhanger, which means that even next week will not get into any of the major plotpoints that are still not completed. It's hard to quit a series before the ending, but this series is coming close to making me change that pattern. I give this issue a 5 out of 10. At least the art was good.


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