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The CW announced a little while ago that they were developing a superhero team up show, based on characters from Arrow and The Flash. Characters that were announced to appear are The Atom (Brandon Routh), Martin Stein (Victor Garber), Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller), Heatwave (Dominic Purcell), Hawkgirl (Ciara Renée), Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill), and Caity Lotz in an unspecified role.

Something The CW failed to mention was the title of said spinoff. Fans have had fun at wondering what the working title could be. Justice Society? Justice League? The Brave and The Bold? Well, it seems the 90's Flash may have let the title slip.

During a convention, John Wesley Ship, who plays Barry's (Grant Gustin) father Henry Allen, referred to the spinoff as Legends. Not only that, but Ship also confirmed that the series would skip pilot production as it already has a 13-episode order.

DC Comics
DC Comics

Legends was a crossover event that ran for six issues, which featured heroes going up against Darkseid. If the title is any indication, it seems that the likes of heroes and villains may have to join forces in order to stop a very, very, big bad. Seeing as Darkseid is probably reserved for the films, it only seems fitting to let another bad guy take his place.

Before the end of the current season, heroes will unite to stop The Reverse Flash, and this team-up may prove it necessary to have a team of heroes on reserve in order to stop huge villains.

What do you think of the title? Do you like it or would you have preferred something else? Who would you choose to be the big bad guy of Legends? Let us know in the comments below!


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