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He's going to become a real boy? Strap in and hold on tight because an Astroboy live action movie is in development and will be flying into theaters as soon as new information is released.The project was announced in early February of this year by the Australia's Animal logic entertainment which has partnered with Japan's tezuka productions to bring us a live action version of the iconic automaton hero.

Animal logic's Zareh Nalbandian is set to produce with Jason Lust who will be acting as the project's executive producer. Currently there is no director or screen writer for the project but scouting is taking place.Animal logic is widely known for their animation and special effects work in films such as happy feet and this summer's surefire superhero adventure Avengers: Age of Ultron. aside from this project Animal Logic has many other films in development such as an adaptation of Jeff smith's "bone".

Astro boy who is also known as the "mighty atom"was a character created in the early 1950's by Osamu Tezuka who is described as the walt disney of japan. Astro-boy tells the story of a brilliant scientist/inventor who creates a robot duplicate of his deceased son in order to help him cope, eventually the scientist disowns Astro, which causes the robot to wander off and eventually find a new owner who inspires Astroboy to use his robotic powers to fight crime.

Nalbandian is very ambitious about the project and hopes that the film can do better than the animated film that came out in 2009. Nalbandian hopes to make Astroboy inspiring and not extremely soft.The studio also wants to take advantage of all the mythology and villains that have been created around the character.Nalbandian also took it further by saying “We’ve seen him as a manga, an anime and an animated movie but we’ve never seen him as a live-action movie or him as a superhero,” said Nalbandian. “We actually see him in the same league as an Iron Man.”This film has potential and seems like the team behind it is confident so this could be a big success.


Are you excited to see Astroboy make the transition to the big screen?


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