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When a film gets stuck in development and then vanishes without a trace, there is definitely a reason to be concerned. This was case with Stretch Armstrong, a childhood toy with a flexible personality (pun definitely intended) was set to make the jump to the silver screen. It would have joined the likes of other toy-to-film adaptations such as G.I. Joe and Battleship if the project had moved forward. As of now, the project is getting a Netflix tv show that is set to debut in 2017.

The project was originally set up at Universal Studios and was set to be a huge superhero action comedy with alot of heart and alot of laughs. Nicholas Stoller was at one point set to pen the script for the film with Taylor Lautner as the star. Since that time though, Lautner has fallen off the radar as an actor but recently landed a role in season two of Scream Queens. Unfortunately, the project fell apart at Universal and Stoller subsequently left the project. Relativity Media (Pre-bankruptcy) picked up the rights to the project and hired Manchurian Candidate screenwriter Dean Georgaris to pen a new script for the feature as well as dropping Lautner as the star. The film was set to shoot in 2013 but both the studio and Hasbro abandoned the movie to work on other projects.

As of this moment, the project is basically dead. There have been no talks or chatter about a third attempt at getting a Stretch Armstrong movie in the theaters and on the big screen. It would have been interesting to see the final result on screen, even a piece of concept art from the abandoned project. Now, it's just a forgotten memory, a dream that will never be fully realized. But fear not. If you are looking for your next Stretch Armstrong fix, the Netflix series will be ready to watch by next year. Though there is little chance of another big screen attempt, it's best not to rule it out entirely because stranger things have happened in the past. Stay tuned for more updates.


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