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Its a day an age where nothing is really kept under wraps anymore and we just want to know more and more from big Hollywood blockbusters. That's the latest with DC's highly anticipated villain team up movie [Suicide Squad](movie:2283363). The reason being mostly to do with Harley Quinn's first ever live-action portrayal but also the fourth portrayal of the Clown Prince of Crime! We have been seeing many teases from Leto as to how he will look as the Joker, but he's also not giving too much away.

Apparently, we might just have seen which Joker he will be adapting to the big screen. In a photo snapped clearly by paparazzi, Leto seems to be showing off a picture in full Joker gear - courtesy of ComicBookMovie.

As you can see Jared sporting that fisher hat with the green locks, we also notice someone looking through what I'm believing to be a video of Leto himself as the Joker. I know it's not a clear image... but there is another photo that's more zoomed in, so take a look below:

The Joker looks to be in a suit of sorts and is strangely reminiscent of the Joker from The Dark Knight Returns.


In honor of The Joker's 75th anniversary though we might have gotten our complete look at him courtesy of David Ayer!

I mean look at the Batman we're going to be getting after the Batman v Superman trailer. This DC universe seems to be borrowing a lot of themes from the novel, so seeing this picture has actually surprised me thinking just how this Joker will be. In the meantime we can only wait for this to be a joke of sorts or Jared's performance blows us away.

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The hype for the movie will definitely be building - especially after the Batman v Superman trailer! I'm just hoping for a teaser of soe sort for Suicide Squad pretty soon in the likes of the Batman v Superman tease.


Do you like this look for Jared Leto as The Joker?


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