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A lot of Horror movies have come and gone throughout the years. And there have been more than a few that never got the chance to cement their places in Hollywood history. But out of all those failures, we've gotten some pretty incredible Horror franchises that don't seem to die. Not that we'd want them too anyways though.


1.The franchises have to originate anytime before the 90's.

2. Each Franchise has to have two or more successful sequels.

3. Each Franchise must have earned more than 100,000,000 at the Box Office.

6. Psycho

Norman Bates
Norman Bates

The Psycho franchise is considered the grandaddy of all Slasher movies. And it really started the shift from monsters and zombies being the antagonist to actual people like Norman Bates becoming the villains in Horror. That's not the only reason its been able to stand the test of time though. The franchise has had very successful sequels, it has a huge television show, and Norman Bates is just one of those antagonist you don't forget about when talking about your favorite horror movie villains.

Year Of Original Release: 1960

Number Of Sequels: 4 / 1 Remake / 1 Television Show

Total Box Office Earnings: $102,662,736

Adjusted For Ticket Inflation: $515,333,300

5. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the next big franchise that has lasted the past thirty-five plus years without fading away. And it's all because of how disturbing Leatherface and this franchise is. In the first movie there is little to no blood or gore at all. And yet it's considered one of the goriest and most disgustingly bloody movies ever made. And that allusion was able to remain with the franchise all the way up to date. The next Chainsaw film titled 'Leatherface' is set for release in the next year or so..

Year Of Original Release: 1974

Number Of Sequels: 4 / 1 Remake / 1 Prequel / 1 Reboot

Total Box Office Earnings: $199,267,695

Adjusted For Ticket Inflation: $362,947,000

4. Child's Play

Child's Play is the next Horror movie franchise that never left peoples twisted minds. With Chucky being the first doll to scare audiences all over the world, the franchise automatically had a uniqueness that most other scary movies didn't have. The seventh Child's Play film is set to be released in the next year or so.

Year Of Original Release: 1988

Number Of Sequels: 5

Total Box Office Earnings: $126,174,126

Adjusted For Ticket Inflation: $232,065,800

3. A Nightmare Elm Street:

You all knew this mega franchise would make it on this list right? It's ability to withstand time without fading in peoples minds is almost self explanatory. By creating a villain that attacks you while you sleep is something that can scare anyone from anywhere, everyone has to sleep. And that leads to why Freddy Krueger is one of the most popular movie villains ever. His red and green sweater, fedora, and bladed gloves are symbols of fear forever now.

Year Of Original Release: 1984

Number of Sequels: 6 / 1 Remake / 1 Crossover

Total Box Office Earnings: $370,495,086

Adjusted For Ticket Inflation: $653,703,300

2. Halloween

Halloween is the next big Horror movie franchise that will not die, and it's because we don't want it too. It alone opened the door for Horror to become what it is today. And Michael Myers himself is a big part of why the franchise won't go away. He's arguably the scariest slasher villain out there, and can sill scare grown men to death. That alone is enough to allow the franchise to last the past thirty-seven years and hopefully for another thirty-seven years as well. The next Halloween 'recalibration' is set to be released in the next year or two.

Year Of Original Release: 1978

Number of Sequels: 7 / 1 Remake / 1 Reboot

Total Box Office Earnings: $308,522,645

Adjusted For Ticket Inflation: $620,850,600

Friday The 13th

The number one Horror movie franchise that has only gotten better with time is Friday The 13th. And in case you hadn't noticed, the franchise is larger than ever right now. It has several projects in the works, such as an official television show, a video game set for release later on this year, the 13th film is in the works, and Jason himself is in the brand new Mortal Kombat video game.

So saying the franchise is still doing well for itself is an understatement, because it only seems to be getting better with time.

Year Of Original Release: 1980

Number Of Sequels: 9 / 1 Remake / 1 Crossover

Total Box Office Earnings: $380,637,525

Adjusted For Ticket Inflation: $769,715,800

Honorable Mention: Hellraiser

Each franchise on this all have very bright futures ahead of them. And while some might be brighter than others. They're all lucky to have made it this far in the first place!


Which Of These Franchises Is Your Favorite?


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