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Michael Seaford


As we all know Batman vs Superman is gonna be awesome. If you don't think so, here is some evidence

(When I watched it on YouTube, there was an Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer before it. Hahahaha (Joker laugh))

Today, some people get to see extended footage. Lucky. Hopefully it is put on YouTube.

They also get posters for free. Lucky

These posters are very different than the other marketing material released by the Bros.


It looks badass, correctomundo?

It has the heroes faces cut up by the others logo. This could just be marketing material, but it also has a little tiny meaning that not many people are noticing. I seem to be mentioning it, but no one else does.

In the trailer, it used the media in ways similar to The Dark Knight Returns did, discussing everyone's opinion on the masked man

The posters look like mug shots, and the logos of the other heroes look like torn newspaper


To quote Thor, "I think not, villain!"

Even if it is a coincidence, still pretty cool.

Extra Tidbit: If they are modeling the DCCU after The Dark Knight Returns, then could we see a one-armed Green Arrow? Maybe in Suicide Squad?


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