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Ever since Marvel reacquired the rights to 'use' Spider-Man in their own cinematic universe, little tid-bits of information have been seeping out of the sink-hole that is currently Sony Pictures regarding the so-called 'plans' they had regarding Spidey's future in their once but now dead 'TASM' franchise.

A quote from one of Sony's leaked emails spoke about the real plans they had about the future of The Amazing Spider-Man series and also gave a point of view on their opinions regarding Marvel Studios and DC/Warner Bros. Have a look:

''Over the past weeks we have seen both Marvel (who have a tight plan) and DC/WB (who look like they might finally be getting their sh*t together) make huge announcements for the future of their slates and franchises. On the other hand, we have been assaulted by rumor after rumor of bizarre spin-offs (Aunt-May) or that Spidey is going to be sold or loaned back to Marvel.''

It seems as though even the news of Spidey possibly going back to Marvel was brand-new material to the ears of Sony, either that or even they were playing coy in their own emails.

One of the projects they apparently 'truly' had an idea for was, believe it or not, a PREQUEL film to The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Yes, you weren't the only who thought of how absurd this idea is. Details reveal that the film's tentative title would've been ''The Amazing Spider-Man: Kraven'' and as you guessed it would've involved everyone's favourite evil hunter, Kraven. One of Sony's reasons for making a prequel in a first place was the fact that Emma Stone's contract was for 'three' films, but they had only used up the two. And since TASM 2 sort of throwed a wrench in the works when it came to Gwen Stacy coming back in future films, it was either they find up some convoluted, ridiculous reasoning to bring her back to life or screw it and just make a prequel story!

So here it is, ''The Amazing Spider-Man: Kraven'' where Gwen Stacy is still alive, Norman Osborn is still alive but still in a some-what sick condition, in fact this film would've involved the story thread of how he became the way he was in ''The Amazing Spider-Man 2''. The film itself takes place after the immediate events of ''The Amazing Spider-Man'' and expands on the ideas of the Russian mafia's position in New York City, while at the same time introducing the villain of Kraven the Hunter, who would've been brought in to track down Spider-Man in classic Kraven fashion.

Back to Norman Osborn, who believes that Spider-Man's blood is the cure to his disease (sound familiar?) so he enlists Kraven as well to not only capture Spider-Man (which apparently he ends up successfully doing!) but also supplying Norman with vials of the superhero's blood. Norman then ends up trying to turn it into a cure which backfires horribly and ends up turning him into the 'original' Green Goblin! Spider-Man and Green Goblin would end up having an epic battle that ends with Norman turning back into the fragile, diseased state we saw him in ''The Amazing Spider-Man 2''.

This was the extent of the details revealed about this particular project, but as you can see this may have ruined the franchise even more than the Amazing Spider-Man 2 did, as questions would be brought up as to why any of this wasn't mentioned in the following film. Therefore there would be large amounts of retconning and just so much confusion to the point that it would not only hurt the brain of the average comic-book fan but destroy the brain of the average movie-goer too!

As you can see in the image above, there were conceptual plans to turn Norman Osborn into the ''Ultimate Goblin'' from the Ultimate comics. But if the prequel film were to have happened, would that have overcomplicated the process even more? It seems as though we may never know..thankfully.


Would you have liked to see a prequel to the Amazing Spider-Man 2?


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