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David Collett
My name is David Allen Collett and I am of Mix Ethnic Background.
My name is David Allen Collett and I am of Mix Ethnic Background.

I know people are going disagree, hate on me, pick apart, and dissect what I going to say. To be honest though that is part of our instincts and the lessons we are taught before we even began developing our own personalities. So I accept that it is going to happen because that is part of communication after all. So here I go taking the plunge with out even checking the depth of the water.

This world is full of I mentality there in lays the problem. Be a person of a predominant ethnics, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, or an Island of one the mentality is the same. My way, my opinion, my sex, and my culture is the right one and every one should recognize it as the superior world view. Through out the human species history it is the same. The problem is that we all can only perceive a small portion of the big picture and thus to cope with our lack of vision we categorize and box up things till we can comprehend them. Black, white, race, religion, nationality, good, bad, and so on. It not wrong it is how we comprehend the world the best way we can.

The problem is the humans are habitual creatures and once we build the tunnel up many of us either refuse to enlarge the world perception or don't know how. From this arise many grudges based or external points of view such as our perceptions of race, religion, and nationality. Ask any doctor or biologist and many will tell you other then superficial differences there is only one race the human race. Their are no subcategories of humans because that would require significant differences such as the differences between house hold cats and great cats.

The separation of race which is commonly referred to as Indian, Anglo, African, ext are purely labels based on superficial differences such as color, basic physical features, minute muscle differences, and so on is to allow dehumanization by conquers so that they would not feel any guilt for taking another freedom away. Through out history as a race the dominating role has cycle over and over not just between ethnic groups and religious groups but age as well as males/females. According to which ever group held the role all other groups where labeled and categorized by their differences to that group. So slavery, genocide, or force submission is not unique to any individual group.

We as a whole have reached a level of enlightenment and greater world connection that these labels are truly unnecessary as well as very detrimental to our continual existents. We are capable of leaving the womb of the Earth, advancing our civilization, and truly unify our selves. On the other hand we are capable of destroying our selves, the Earth, and many other species in a single generation. As with the dark age to the Renaissance and the Renaissance to the age of Enlightenment we are at a turning point. Now is the time to choose. Are we going to move forward and grow or are we going to continue on our current path of hate and self destruction?


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