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Much of what I know about the Marvels Devil, came from the one shot Universe X. Loved the series. Daredevil was transformed into a undying being. Risking it all jumping over stuff. I tried fishing the comic out of storage since the net is full of assfleck version.

But starting fresh with this series, it has action. Lots of story. Dry in parts missing action for story. Fan boys know the story. Kid is blinded. Matthew is his name. He is blinded having done a good deed. As he grows more unfortunate events sprinkle about his life having not used this new found power, responsibly. Which seems to drive much of marvel. From starks company to Thor's hammer. Suffering seems to be a common link from citizens to heroes to villains.

The fight scenes are good. A scene reminded me of one from the movie "The Raid".

The opening theme reminds me of the NBC series Hannibal. Another great show that's not getting its due but I divert. The opening is blood filling up the city. Which seems to be the cost of creation. Blood. Many Catholic themese run through. Especially as Matt figures out his demons, while Fisk brings his into the light.

I'm trying to not spoil with direct details. Its a slow build to bring it up to Marvelous. Its dark. Its violent. Its not really heart warming. It gets close as it involves family connections between the casts.

I might of missed the connection it has to Agents of sheild. I read somewhere it links to it. But it all comes together in the end. I enjoyed it. Even if Fisk seems like evil King Pin I assumed he would be. Can't wait for more marvels offerings as well as second season.


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