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The Riddler Returns?

As most of us are aware, the Riddler hasn't appeared in live-action since Batman Forever. Many people are now aware of a potential Riddler easter egg in the new BvS trailer. (the image is all over the place, I'm NOT posting it here) so i thought that for my first post, I would share what i thought would be a good way to depict him if he showed up again.

I can see it now. The denizens of Gotham are sitting at home, watching television. Suddenly, static! and in an instant, all the screens in Gotham show a purple question mark on a green background. The question mark starts to move, and we realize that it's the Riddler, walking forward and turning to face the screen. But the Gothamites don't know. they are confused, troubled. Some try to change the station, but soon realize his is on ALL the channels. And then he speaks, enthusiastic, charismatic, and insufferable. He tells them how Batman has gotten old and slow, past his prime. He brags of his intellect, insulting their intelligence, language full of double meanings. And in the end, he challenges the Bat to a battle of wits, to prove that he's the new thing, and the Batman is washed up.

This Riddler would be young, fresh on the scene. He wants to go viral, to celebrate his victory in front of millions of people. He wants views on Youtube, news sites talking about him, his name on the tv. And as this story marches onwards, it becomes apparent that he is not just an attention whore, but a deranged cross between Jigsaw and Cicada 3301. As Batman gets closer, he gets more unhinged. When people die, he blames them for not solving the riddle, and when they solve it, he insists they cheated. A new Riddler, built by the information age, hungering for his 15 minutes of fame and trying to make it last as long as he can.

That is what I would like to see if they do him again. I think it could be a hell of a ride, and he could be flamboyant while still being dangerous.


What say you?


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