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With thanks to one of Moviepilot's greatest animation fans Rosalyn Lim (who tagged me with the awesome 3Questions tag), here's my contribution to the [](tag:2854799) tag! The idea is simple: Ask a Creator 3 questions and when you get tagged with questions, answer them in a Moviepilot post along with 3 more for another Creator!

If you've got [](tag:2854799) you'd like to ask a Creator, then simply create a post asking them! Don't forget to tag your post with [](tag:2854799) and to let the Creator know so they remember to answer.

And without further adieu, here are my 3 questions asked my Rosalyn Lim...

1. What is the last film you watched prior to reading this and why did you watch it?

Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope!

I mean come on now, is there really any Star Wars fan that didn't revisit Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope over the last week? With what must have been one of the biggest trailer drops of all time, last thursday we were given a taste of J. J. Abram's Star Wars Episode VII - The Force Awakens. With only 1.49 minutes of the new movie to watch over and over, many of us decided to view the original trilogy that we know and love.

2. If you could be an anime character for a day, who would you be and what would you do in their world?

This was certainly the trickiest question out of the three! As a fan of anime on both the big and small screen, my list of favorite characters and fictional destinations is a long one. However, once I considered the idea of becoming Princess Mononoke's forest spirit for a day, I knew I had my answer.

Spirit of the Forest
Spirit of the Forest

Imagine the unbelievable gems of knowledge and compassion inside the forest spirit's mind. My day spent as the spirit would mostly consist of peacefully existing within the surroundings of the forest, trying to understand the spirit's way of life and regaining the close connection with nature that humanity has lost in modern day - a increasingly relevant theme that is prominent within Studio Ghibli's Princess Mononoke.

3. Is there a type of movie that you would never watch no matter how good or popular it is?

Although I believe that no movie should be judged before seeing it, I also believe that life is short - so when you have a spare 2 hours, make sure you watch a movie that is either thought provoking or simply brings you happiness to watch.

Personally, I either watch movies to better understand the craft, or simply for enjoyment. There are definitely genres that I would avoid more than others because of their lack of originality (making them almost irrelevant to study) and quality (making them unenjoyable to watch) but none that I would avoid at all costs - even if their very existence is offensive to me. A great example of this philosophy is when Every Frame a Painting (my second favorite youtube channel, this one being my number 1!) decided to create an analysis for 'Bayhem', better known as the style of Michael Bay.

Tony accurately describes why we might watch a film we don't like or agree with by saying:

If we want to make better movies we have to understand the images that are coming at us - Tony, Every Frame a Painting

And that's my [](tag:2854799) . Thanks so much for asking them Rosalyn, it was great fun and I hope you enjoyed my answers!

And now, 3 Questions for... Thomas A. Rice!

Thomas A. Rice is among our most knowledgable Creators when it comes to all things superheroes. Check out his profile for a vast amount of great content about Marvel, DC and much more! Here's [](tag:2854799) for you, Thomas:

1. Which comic book/graphic novel (that hasn't already been adapted) would you most like to see hit the big screen (and why)?

2. If every movie was about to be erased from existence forever BUT you were allowed to save one, what would it be (and why)?

3. What is the number 1 'must read' for people wanting to get into the comic books/graphic novels?

Can't wait to read your answers, and to see who your 3 questions will be for!


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