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Alright, I was reading over a couple of things because I was interested in how Loki's Sceptre would fit into [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) . Some of it... doesn't quite make sense to me. Let's look at some facts:

The Collector was given a stone by Asgard

The Post Credits scene from Thor: The Dark World
The Post Credits scene from Thor: The Dark World

Now this was something that confused me for a while, especially after [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073). Now Asgard could have given this gem to absolutely anyone in all of the nine realms for safekeeping. In GotG we discovered that the Collector doesn't have all that many safeguards against anyone let's say, blowing up his whole collection? This leaves me wondering how the Asgardians thought he would be a good choice to defend one of these incredibly powerful artifacts??

Loki's Sceptre is able to give people superpowers?

What... us?
What... us?

This is something I don't quite understand. It seems to me that the reality gem could do this, but that is the Aether right? The mind gem, which is what Loki's Sceptre is suspected to be, could give psionic abilities, like the Scarlet Witch has. What I don't quite get is how that manifested into super speed.

Thanos gave Loki his only infinity stone?

This is the part that really doesn't make any sense for me. Thanos wants infinity stones, right? Thanos has only one infinity stone in his possession pre-avengers, correct? (Assuming sceptre is one, and I'll get to that). Thanos then figures that he should give his only infinity stone to Loki and send him to get another one of them for Thanos, so that Thanos then has two, right? It's like gambling all your money to double it. This doesn't make any sense to me at all. Loki has already been beaten by Thor, and it is known that Thor has stated he will protect earth. So this all starts to fall apart for me. Thanos surely has a bunch of other, more competent servants right? Could he not have sent someone else? Now Asgard has the one he wanted, and earth (HYDRA) has the one he gave. Thanos has none and must start from scratch. It's a long way to infinity war for the mad titan.


Which theory seems strangest?


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