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Filming is underway on Captain America: Civil War and it's shaping up to be one of the biggest event movies in Marvel's already huge history of event movies. As the movie begins production it's inevitable in this day and age that some leaks and spoilers begin to surface and sure enough, it looks like some details are beginning to get revealed on what's in store for Cap, Iron-Man and the rest of the ginormous cast of Captain America 3.

Crossbones Puts Cap in the Crosshairs

Captain America: Civil War has taken to being called Avengers 2.5 in some circles but it is still Captain America 3 at heart, with the focus still falling on Cap and the stance that he takes against the Superhero Registration Act and why he takes it. From the sound of some big spoilers that the folks at JoBlo recently revealed, it looks like some of the big enemies that came to light in Captain America 2 will be heavily involved in the story of Captain America: Civil War - making the connection between these two movies even more direct.

Frank Grillo's Crossbones to debut in Civil War.
Frank Grillo's Crossbones to debut in Civil War.

Frank Grillo's character, Brock Rumlow, was last seen at the end of Captain America 2, amongst the rubble and not looking so hot. But he's coming back with a vengence, literally, in Captain America 3 having emerged from his injuries as Crossbones. And some details are leaking out regarding the look he'll be sporting in Civil War. It's rumored that they'll be sticking to his classic skull mask - which is said to also function as protection and the skull design will have a messier, more graffiti inspired look to it. Very cool, indeed.

Winter Soldier Returns in Captain America 3

Bucky Barnes, aka The Winter Soldier, will also be returning to the mix in Captain America: Civil War and is said to be a main point of debate between Iron-Man and Captain America. As if they didn't have enough to fight about already, Steve Rogers is still wanting to hold out a sympathetic olive branch to his old BFF while Iron-Man wants to simply remove the dangerous threat and take him out of the equation.

Captain America 3 to reveal new Falcon suit.
Captain America 3 to reveal new Falcon suit.

Also returning from the events in Captain America 2 is Falcon - and it sounds like he is getting a bit of an upgrade to his first suit. This one will see some color being added to his look so that it will more closely match the kind of suit he's sporting in the pages of the Marvel comics. Synergy! Yes, we'll see The Falcon taking to the skies in a red and silver suit that more closely resembles his classic design.

Ant-Man, Black Panther & Spider-Man

One of the biggest spoilers recently revealed in this scoop is that Ant-Man is indeed being looked at as joining the fray in Captain America: Civil War. And not only that but there included in this spoiler is a reveal that we'll actually see Ant-Man battle Giant-Man in Captain America 3. What the what?! Who knows how this will end up factoring into the events of the Civil War - in the books Ant-Man and Giant-Man are so closely tied together that, yeah, they're pretty much both the same guy - Hank Pym. We'll have to see how the MCU is going to tweak this piece of Marvel history for the screen.

Ant-Man is being put on the side of Iron-Man in this spoiler report and they're drawing the lines like this: " looks like Cap, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Falcon vs. Iron Man, War Machine, The Vision, and Ant-Man, with the Scarlet Witch and Black Panther somewhere in the mix." I've read some other rumors that are putting Scarlet Witch on the side of Iron-Man but, much like Black Panther, it's easy to see her character going either way or perhaps jumping sides during the course of the movie.

Will Giant-Man also make his debut in Civil War?
Will Giant-Man also make his debut in Civil War?

Like other sites have reported, this new rumor describes Black Panther as previously having a Spider-Man type role in the movie - being torn between the two sides. But now with Spider-Man actually being able to factor in the event, Black Panther is looking a bit more mysterious. Black Panther is being reported as having his own agenda in the movie and he'll have a significant role to play in Captain America 3.

The official plot description for Captain America: Civil War revealed that this version of events will be global in the push for the Superhuman Registration Act after the world spanning events of Avengers: Age of Ultron raises international concerns over the impact Superhumans are having. It's expected that Black Panther's status as the leader of the nation of Wakanda will be putting a bit of a spotlight on T'Challa and his decision on which side he'll fall on carries more weight than most.

What do you think? Whose side did you imagine Black Panther, Ant-Man and Scarlet Witch taking in [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409)? How do you see the events unfolding? Take to the comments section below!


Which side do you think Ant-Man should take in Civil War?


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