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Ever wonder what goes on in the woods at night? Well these pictures were taken from hunter's by motion-activated cameras hidden in the woods.

We have all seen The Blair Witch Project and countless other films about Strange Creature's or Witches who wonder about the woods but what if they are based on something more real? Have you ever been camping and heard a strange noise, only to go out and see nothing there, Well maybe there was, Just maybe there was one of these below watching you from the darkness of the night!

Picture 1

What would you do if you came across this Deformed Creature well taking a leak at night, you look over and it's starring at you! what does it want? Is it human or animal, I'll let you be the judge of that.

Picture 2

Is this just someone out for a midnight stroll in the woods? or something much Darker!

Picture 3

What's that deer running from? It looks like the devils come out to play, or maybe just a strange unknown animal trying to catch a late night snack, either way i don't think these hunters will be going back out in a hurry, not with that thing on the loose!

Picture 4

Death himself shows up
Death himself shows up

This one in my opinion is them just having them a bit of fun with the camera, Who would actually believe Death would just stand there starring at a camera! i think he would have better things to do with his time.

Picture 5

A sleep walking child who's got lost in the woods? or maybe a child's spirit? lost and alone in the dark, who knows, but that deer is starring straight at her!

Picture 6

Oh look another child lost in the woods, late at night, where are these children coming from, a camping trip gone wrong, or are there children living happily by themselves somewhere in the woods, maybe they are just spirits wondering around.

Picture 7 & 8

This picture was taken then, the second picture was taken a few seconds after

Did something just get in the way of the camera maybe it was effected by the light, but then again that wouldn't explain how that figure got there so fast! so is it something E.T i wonder?

Picture 9

Is this Big foot? or some kind of bear, maybe a Gorilla, either way i don't think we will find out the truth anytime soon.

Picture 10 & 11

A party for three? these look like they are having a brilliant time. But unfortunately this ones a fake, its just the image on the right copied and blurred you can actually see the lines separating them, I've managed to find the original below take a look.

See there's only one Strange white figure, makes everything seem better right?

Picture 12

In this picture it's a different little girl to the one earlier, you can tell by her dress which to me looks old fashioned, again the deer is looking at her, this one's the most terrifying out of the 3 pictures with the children in as i found it's more eerie and believable.

What do you think of these pictures, real or fake? would love to hear, comment below and if you liked this post then check out my others, by clicking on the link below!

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