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With the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer having now made its first official appearance, the months of waiting for the (still almost a year away) theatrical release of the movie are looking longer and longer by the second.

On the plus side, though, that's largely because the movie looks so distinctly awesome - and as it turns out, that same apparent awesomeness might just provide us with some fairly lengthy distractions from the waiting.

Y'see, not only is the Batman v Superman trailer full of teasing voice-over, and carefully constrained glimpses of our iconic heroes - as it turns out:

The Trailer is FULL of Easter Eggs

Which, in order to help us all better deal with the imminent months of waiting, we thought we should probably take a closer look at.

So, have one more watch of the trailer (above), and then head on down for a full breakdown of just what it's hiding...

First up:

That Spaceship Teases an International Scope

Or, rather, the fact that the ship clearly originated in Russia (the word POCKOCMOC written on the side translates as Roscosmos, the Russian space program) suggests that we might well be seeing the whole world's reaction to Superman's arrival, and not just the United States'...

Also, of course, Zack Snyder clearly couldn't help but throw in a reference to one of his previous movies...

Yup - that's right...a sneaky reference to 300...


Batman's Definitely Going Full Dark Knight (Returns)

As though the glimpse of Batman's (noticeably battered) armor wasn't enough to confirm the influences of Frank Miller's classic The Dark Knight Returns, we also saw this image:

Which, it seems, teases Batman's (very particular) use of a gun in that story - which you can read more about right here.

On the other side of the superhero spectrum, though:

Superman Has Some New Muscle

The intriguing thing about this shot? It doesn't make a whole lot of sense in the context of everything we currently know about the Man of Steel...

Has Supes started his own private army? Has an entire nation pledged allegiance to the Kryptonian? Or is this simply a dream sequence - as the distinctly Nazi-stormtrooper-themed costumes may well suggest.

Could it even be a nightmare of Batman himself? One which might just prompt him into action against the other hero?

All the while:

People Really Don't Seem Too Sure About Superman

As revealed from not only the commentary which makes up much of the trailer's early voice-over, but also the brightly graffiti-stained statue of the hero.

Wondering exactly what side Holly Hunter's character is going to come down on, though? Well, wonder no more - since what sounds an awful lot like her voice seems to be very much warning against the dangers of trusting Superman...

Meanwhile, we caught a glimpse of:

A Classic Batman Villain

Specifically, The Riddler, who seems to have left his mark on whatever room Batman is standing in there.

Whether that's part of an abandoned Bat-cave (or even Wayne Manor), a Gotham slum, or the aftermath of the two heroes' battling remains to be seen - but wherever it is, it looks as though Edward 'Riddler' Nigma has been there first...

And, of course:

We Might Just Have Seen a Hint of Robin

Specifically, that shot of Bruce Wayne glaring?

It might just be hiding a glimpse of a cape, and some accompanying gloves.

A memorial to Robin, perhaps? Though to which one remains something of a mystery in and of itself...

What do you reckon, though?

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