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(Note, mild potential Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice SPOILERS lie below...)

There are a few things that - more than any cape, batarang or sidekick - define just who Batman is. The death of his parents. His quest for justice. His endless battling to end crime in Gotham City. And, of course, the fact that - no matter what - Batman doesn't kill, or use a gun to fight crime.

To Bruce Wayne, that has historically (well, after the Golden age of comics, anyhow) been his most important line in the sand. After watching his parents be murdered by a man with a gun, he outright refuses to do so himself.

So, then, there's one big question remaining:

Why the Heck Does Batman Have a Gun in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?

Y'know - that one...
Y'know - that one...

Specifically the one we see him holding in this here new trailer:

Well, there are three possible answers to that particular question...

1. The New Movie Batman's Going to Use Guns

After all, we already know that the Batmobile is set to feature a whole lot of serious-looking weaponry - including what look an awful lot like mounted guns - so it's not actually too much of a leap to imagine this version of the Dark Knight using a rifle.

2. Batman's Always Used Guns

Whether it's in The Dark Knight - with its heavily armed Batpod - or even the comics, in which Batman has periodically made exceptions to his rule for more-or-less any villain he deems it necessary to do so for, Batman has, in fact, always been a little looser with the no-gun requirement than we give him credit for.

Even if both of those end up being true, though, there's one final answer that might make all the difference:

3. That Gun Doesn't Have Any Bullets In It

Y'see, back in Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns - on which Batman v Superman is set to be heavily based - we actually saw Batman wield a gun a whole bunch of times.

The crucial difference being that all of those times, he was actually firing harpoons, or similar, rather than bullets.

So, that scene with Batman and the high-powered rifle?

Odds are he's just going to be firing a harpoon into some sort of criminal.

Either that, or his anti-Superman sonic gun has been given a seriously old-fashioned makeover...

Or, y'know, he's going pigeon hunting...

What do you reckon, though?



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