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The Sony email leaks continue to cough up golden nuggets and the latest reveal has hinted that Margot Robbie is being sized up to embody the plasticized perfection that is the ever-iconic Barbie.

In emails exchanged from March last year, Robbie is the forerunner to don a platinum wig and move into Barbie's dream house, with Doug Bal, the president of Sony Pictures writing:

As far as who would play Barbie probably an ingenue. I like Margot Robbie, for instance. Or possibly a discovery

Producer Laurie Bass, who is behind movies such as Men In Black and Gladiator also backed Robbie for the role in an email where he wrote:

She is Barbie come to life - she'd be great

It seems like the 24-year-old Australian actress was also open to being pink-washed to perfection for the Barbie movie. Robbie's interest in the role was revealed in this email from last May:

Bugliari and JP pitched Margot the idea for Barbie and she loved it! She's free in October once she wraps Tarzan

but the Margot Robbie isn't the only famous name who appears on the casting wish-list, Kristen Wiig, Tina Fey, Amy Adams and Sandra Bullock's names are all thrown around as potential sidekicks.

Kristen Wiig, Tina Fey, Amy Adams and Sandra Bullock
Kristen Wiig, Tina Fey, Amy Adams and Sandra Bullock

From the no-holds-barred exchange, it seems like Amy Adam is probably the favorite while Wigg is the outsider after it was judged that she can seem quite "sad/pathetic." An email from an executive read:

I like Amy Adams more than Wiig - more marketing bang there. Wiig is funny but can seem a bit sad/pathetic while Amy is entirely endearing

Of course, none of this is set in stone just yet and there is a possibility that an unknown will swoop in and snatch the role of the doyenne of dolls from under Robbie's nose. Below are a few Internet celebrities known for their doll-like looks who would probably gnaw off their own arms for the part:

Valeria Lukyanova

This 29-year-old Ukrainian model was rocketed to Internet fame for her stunning resemblance to a Barbie doll and there is no denying that she looks thoroughly otherworldly.

Unfortunately, Lukyanova is obsessed with the spiritual and would probably not be the most stable presence on set. Not only is she an instructor at her own School of Out-of-Body Travel, but she also claimed that she was only going to live off only light and air in 2014... Yeah.

Lolita Richi

Lolita Richi is just 16-years-old and claims that her 20 inch waist and doll-like features are all entirely natural.

Also hailing from the Ukraine, Richi prides herself on her Barbie girl looks and has a devoted fan base of followers on the Russian social network site, VK.

Dakota Rose

Famed in Japan for her porcelain doll features, Dakota Rose often goes by the name Kota Koti and is well-known for her Barbieesque cosplay appearances.

This 20-year-old model has appeared in a wealth of Japanese adverts and modeling campaigns so she is reasonably well rehearsed in front of the cameras.

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