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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Many horror movies are based on the idea of a hidden intruder violating the homes of the innocent. For one guy, this nightmare came true.

Joe Cummings found food missing from his kitchen and suspected his girlfriend was sneaking his snacks. However, when she vehemently denied it, Joe set up a camera to catch the pantry pilferer in the act.

What he caught on camera is truly disturbing...

Let's take a closer look at this freaky film...

Here's the layout of the kitchen

The entry point appears to be a nook window above the doorway (circled) - perhaps the apartment is on the ground floor and so the intruder is able to shimmy in from street level. Due to the long hair and slightness of build, I'm going to refer to the intruder as 'she,' but this is more for convenience than a matter of assumption or certainty.

The slow climb is really eerie

Of course, the intruder wants to stay quiet, but the deliberate, jerky moves are reminiscent of the lurch of possessed people in movies.

She drinks straight from a carton from the fridge

Seriously, even if your actual girlfriend did that in your house, wouldn't you be a teeny bit grossed out? Let alone a stranger!

She eats food from the cupboard...

... and even sits on the couch to watch some TV. Oh, and you can even hear a tinkling sound from off camera, which Joe notes is the intruder peeing in his sink!

The intruder hears Joe come into the room and hides

Joe then grabs a drink from the refrigerator - from the same carton the creeper's been drinking from! EWWWW. Poor guy!

This intruder doesn't just leave, though...

She stays to eat more food and snack from the fridge even after she knows that the occupant of the apartment might be a light sleeper, or come back for another drink.

After eating and drinking her fill, she leaves the way she came

Joe doesn't give any details about whether he followed up with the police or anything, so I can't tell you what happened... hopefully he secured the entry point at the very least!

Source: YouTube, Facebook, IMDb


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