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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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A doll in Shrewsbury, England has made waves after apparently causing 'people who look at it to suffer chest pains, nausea and crippling headaches.'

The Mirror reports that Peggy - possibly our era's Annabelle doll - has made people ill just by looking at them, even in online images.

Owner Jayne Harris conducts services for those curious about the occult and is a trained medium alongside running her business, Haunted Dolls.

She inherited Possessed Peggy from her previous owner, who had grown tired of the horrifying nightmares living with Peggy caused her.

Harris described the ordeal:

She’d wake feeling hot and shaken. No matter where she moved the doll to in her home, the nightmares persisted.

She apparently sought the help of a local priest but two visits later and there was no change. In September she became quite ill with a fever and began suffering hallucinations.

When she recovered, she saw no other option but to get rid of the doll as she was convinced it was at the centre of all that had been happening.

This is sounding more like Annabelle by the minute...

Jayne Harris decided to test the powers of Possessed Peggy on other people to ascertain a more scientific conclusion on the doll's bizarre properties:

If I had to guess, I'd say close to 80 people have came forward with experiences.

Some are small, like computer screens freezing, sharp headaches or a sense of dread, but others are more disturbing.

One lady said that when she opened a photograph of Peggy, her computer froze on the picture and the room went cold... she felt someone in the room with her and could hear them moving around.

Even as an experienced medium, Jayne Harris was scared by the effects caused by Peggy's nefarious influence, saying:

I took Peggy down into an isolation area and requested that she cease her tormenting. Apparently everything returned to normal.

Another lady yesterday said she had been experiencing light bulbs blowing and a presence in her home after she had been speaking about Peggy.

With Peggy, it's not only while people are looking at her or watching her, it seems to be afterwards too.

It seems that Peggy would not be out of place in a creepy doll horror movie such as Dolls (trailer above).

Jayne Harris is not the only psychic to have investigated the mysterious forces at work within Peggy the doll. Four other mediums have examined Peggy, unanimously agreeing that she was 'restless, frustrated and was persecuted in life.'

At worst, Peggy is suspected of actually causing a cardiac arrest in one woman, who claims her heart attack was caused simply by watching a video of Peggy.

Peggy during a seance
Peggy during a seance

Jayne remains level-headed about her frightening experiences with the possessed doll, but maintains that Peggy is surrounded by phenomena too manifold and awesome to ignore:

In order to do the work I do well, I have to approach each case as a sceptic initially and look for 'normal' explanations for things.

If it were one or two occasions that things were happening on, I could do that, but with Peggy I just know there’s something more.

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Source: The Mirror


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