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We are overwhelmingly excited for Disney's 2016 animated musical Moana, which is set to feature the company's first ever Polynesian and Pacific Islander princess. The comedy-musical tells the story of a young girl who uses her incredible navigation skills to find her way to a fabled island and is strapped into a roller coaster of adventure and discovery.

And when I found out that The Rock, one of the world's biggest stars (both literally and figuratively), was going to get the animated treatment in the lead male role of Maui, I was over the moon.

Oh yes, I can barely wait for Dwayne Johnson to finally exhibit his vocal prowess as the legendary Hawaiian demigod and he can barely contain his excitement either.

Taking to his Instagram, the Furious 7 heavyweight star provided fans with a little more information regarding the upcoming animated movie and his character. He posted this picture:

He captioned the image:

"Keepin' it manly and slightly off key... Warmin' the pipes and practicin' my bars for our first studio session for Disney's next big animated classic musical ."

He then added:

"I play the male lead, ... He has very long hair, symbolic tattoos, kinda rotund, slightly neurotic and he may or may not talk to himself.

I absolutely cannot wait to see what gems The Rock has in store for us and am certain that he will do a fantastic job in bringing Maui to life. Here are my top five reasons why he is perfect in every single way for this Disney role.

1. He is a wonderful voice actor

Johnson has already lent his voice to Planet 51, Family Guy and Transformers Prime. He is incredibly experienced and knows how it's done.

2. He is a total badass

I can't think of anybody better to play a demigod. His roles in Pain & Gain, Hercules and Furious 7 have proven him to be unbreakable.

3. He is incredibly strong

He will be able to deliver, no matter what he is asked to do. Professional wrestling has made him very tough.

4. He can belt out all those epic Disney tunes

His vocals are most definitely up to par. If you need more convincing, watch him sing 'What A Wonderful World' here:

5. He has a fantastic sense of humor

Moana is a musical-comedy and this is absolutely necessary, after all. He would be so fun to have on set!

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