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In all honesty, there aren't many ways the Fast & furious franchise could improve upon itself, the blisteringly insane action sequences, light-hearted comedic hi-jinks and admirable family-focused values all adding up to pretty much the most perfect popcorn movie series ever.

However, I'd be willing to bet (for pink slips, even) that you've never considered the potential awesomeness of a Pixar / Fast & furious crossover project before! Well, those inventive video wizards over at IGN have been splicing together scenes from Pixar's Cars 2 with the badass Furious 7 trailer to create one epic mashed up video that'll have you craving for an official franchise collaboration quicker than Dom can shift into 6th gear.

But first things first - remind yourself of the epic, original Furious 7 trailer that this parody riffs on:

Now just imagine all that, but with Pixar's endearing animated car designs replacing Vin Diesel's suspiciously smooth head, and you're pretty much there. Check it out:

Family Values

We open with Dom's prophetic teachings: "The most important thing in life will always be the people right here, right now. That's what real." Pixar has a lot more in common with the Fast & Furious franchise than you might think.

Mater as Dom Toretto

The slack-jawed, goof-ball tow truck takes the role of street hardened petrol head Dom.

Lightning McQueen as Brian O'Connor

Brian, on the other hand, is swapped for the aptly named speedy red racer, Lightning McQueen.

Finn McMissile as Deckard Shaw

These sly British agents are a perfect match for each other!

The Plane Jump

The mashed up trailer even features THAT unforgettable airborne scene, matching the Furious 7 dialogue perfectly with the Cars 2 footage!

"One Last Ride"

Which of these rubber-burning duos is your favorite?

Make sure you watch the full crossover trailer here:

Let me know what you think below!

[Source: IGN]


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