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It was just a couple of weeks ago when Joss Whedon silenced fans' hopeful speculation concerning the possibility of an Age of Ultron post-credits scene, the legendary director definitively stating that no such sequence exists:

There is nothing at the very end. And that's not a fake-out. We want people to know so they don't sit there for 10 minutes and then go: 'Son of a bitch! I'll kill them!'

However, the veracity of Whedon's words has now abruptly been called into question, after a rather convincing video surfaced online purporting to show Age of Ultron's supposedly non-existent post-credits scene, which, by the way, features your one and only friendly neighbourhood pal, Spider-Man!

Spidey's Back...Maybe?

That's right folks - the cocky web-spinner may well appear in The Avengers after all!

The headline-grabbing video was uploaded by Spidey AoU yesterday - this being the only file tied to the mysterious account - and shows the sticky hero dispensing some unwelcome advice to a disgruntled window cleaner, all in Spidey's characteristically teasing tone of course.

Take a look below and tell me what you think:

The movie is over, the credits are rolling and, of course, every true fan is still in their seat.

The shot opens on a man washing windows...

But wait! Who is that familiar red and blue figure?

It's Spider-Man, on hand with some fresh quips for the window-washer!

Be sure to watch the full clip below:

Pretty cool, huh? As you can see, the Avengers Tower is visible in the New York skyline background. Unfortunately, the video is quite blurry - clearly filmed off a screen - but it looks pretty darn plausible to me.

Still, the question on everyone's mind, igniting online chatrooms in a blaze of heated debate, is whether or not the video is in fact real. Let's look at both sides of the contested argument.

It's Most Likely Fake Because...

1. Spider-Man has not yet been cast

Marvel's plans for a standalone 2017 Spidey movie are still in the fairly early stages, and they still haven't cast a lead yet. It makes you wonder - would they really introduce the character to the MCU before hiring someone to play him?

Obviously it could be anyone under the suit, and the voice is hard to place as any familiar movie star's. Let us know in the comments below if you think that you recognize the masked hero's muffled tones.

2. The video hasn't been taken down

As the 'leaked' footage hasn't been yet been removed by Marvel and Sony's legion of lawyers, it's likely that it is indeed fake. Though this could be a sly double bluff...?

3. The suit doesn't quite match up

In the video the suit bears a striking resemblance to the classic ensemble from the animated series, seen above. However, Marvel's Kevin Feige has been quoted as saying that the new costume, which has already been designed, will have a 'homemade' look, which doesn't seem to match up.

4. Joss Whedon said so

Though it would be far from the first time anyone in the movie business has lied, Whedon's conclusive assertion that no such scene exists seemed genuine. I mean, he explicitly told fans NOT to bother sticking around until the end, which would be a pretty big dick move if this huge reveal was waiting after the credits. Either that, or the best bluff in Marvel history!

It's Most Likely Real Because...

1. Marvel said Spider-Man would appear before 2017

When the Studio announced that Spider-Man was coming to the MCU, they said he would pop up in one Marvel movie preceding the standalone, which led many to speculate about a cameo in Age of Ultron in the first place. Could this be what they teased?

2. The humor is right in line with Marvel's previous work

The comical tone of the scene fits perfectly with previous post-movie Marvel scenes, the best of which has to be The Avengers' hilarious shawarma scene! Could this Spidey surprise top even that?

If it does turn out to be fake, I'll hand it to whoever is behind this video - they did a damn fine job at doctoring it! One things for sure: I'm certainly gonna be sticking around right till the bitter end, just to see for myself.

Avengers: Age of Ultron comes to theaters May 1st, 2015


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