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Tyrese Gibson has made it no secret that his dream role would be to play Green Lantern in the upcoming Justice League movie and the solo Green Lantern movie Warner Bros and DC have planned for 2020. He's been actively tweeting about, sharing pictures and basically acting as his own spokesperson and running his own Green Lantern campaign without shame. It's been pretty entertaining to witness. Check out the hashtag "missiongreenlantern" on his Twitter feed to get yourself up to date.

Mission Green Lantern for Tyrese

Since Warner Bros does like to keep drawing from actors and crew that have Fast & Furious success (see example A: Gal Gadot going from Fast & Furious to Wonder Woman and example B: Furious 7's James Wan rumored to be up for Aquaman), Tyrese Gibson already has a leg up on others. The question has mostly been as to what version of Green Lantern Warner Bros and DC are going to bring to the screen. There were even some rumors going around that they might look to the newest possible Green Lantern that was recently introduced in the comics - Jessica Cruz. Keeping with Warner Bros tendency to sticking within the F&F family when casting, Fast & Furious alum Michelle Rodriguez found her name rocketing to the top of the list.

But perhaps Tyrese Gibson has had some insider knowledge all along - which explains why he's been so adamant in social media and his impressive public and online campaign for the role? On the most recent edition of Meet the Movie Press (embedded above), Jeff Sneider reveals a scoop that Warner Bros and DC are indeed going to Jon Stewart as the new cinematic version of Green Lantern. Indeed, it makes you think that Tyrese might have known a little something or other this whole time.

John Stewart vs. Hal Jordan

It makes sense for a number of reasons that this Justice League may want to go the route of John Stewart this time around. First is the obvious reason, that Warner Bros and DC would want to distance themselves a bit from the previous Hal Jordan attempt at Green Lantern that didn't fare well in 2011. That isn't all that long ago and with Ryan Reynolds now on team Marvel, DC could very well see the benefit in not only rebooting the Green Lantern story but basing it on a completely different character.

Fan art for Tyrese as Green Lantern John Stewart.
Fan art for Tyrese as Green Lantern John Stewart.

Then there are all the reasons that made the Jessica Cruz rumor gain traction - that Warner Bros has been learning lessons from how well the Fast & Furious franchise has been doing and they want to continue to showcase a diverse lineup in their Justice League characters and hold onto the diverse audience that is turning out to make these movies blockbuster record breakers.

With Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman movie aiming to be the first big female superhero movie, Warner Bros and DC haven't been shy about beating Marvel to this milestone. And with Green Lantern and their scheduled Cyborg movie with Ray Fisher both set for release in 2020, it could be another banner year for DC to be making progress in diversifying the superhero movie.

What do you think? Do you see Tyrese Gibson as a great choice for a John Stewart Green Lantern? Who else would you pick to be cast in the role? Take to the comments section, dear reader!


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