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Batman v Superman is possibly a decade defining film and its trailer which was recently released made fans worldwide (including me) cry with happiness !


Special posters were given to viewers and they look absolutely amazing...

This is going on my wall ?
This is going on my wall ?


Eagle eyed fans noticed a costume behind Ben Affleck in the trailer.This is suspected to be Jason Todd's Outfit

Some reports suggest that set photos show a grave with the name Richard Grayson on it.Its possible that Richard Grayson and Jason Todd will be in/mentioned in the film considering the fact that this movie shows a veteran Batman.

Another part of the trailer shows Batman walking towards the camera which is our first look at Batfleck moving. We can see that there is destruction behind batman and we can also notice that thebackground is similar to the background in wonder woman's poster.


My theory is that this film will mix Dark Knight Returns and Injustice .

Even the Joker (who is going to appear in the suicide squad film) is supposedly going to portray the joker from Dark Knight Returns. Recent set photos of Suicide Squad show Jared Leto looking at video of himself dressed in the suit shown in Dark Knight Returns.

Oh My God moments of the trailer :

Take a look at these parts of the trailer which are absolutely spectacular!

Finally I Have One Question


Are you excited for this movie as much as I am ? ( FYI I am so excited that if my excitement was measured in height ,you will need 50,000 Burj Khalifas )


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