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Hello fellow movie pilot followers, this is my first post, hope you people like what YOU read and fans kinda agree with me !

Are you a SPIDEY FAN? Excited about the RE-REBOOT? Then you should read this!

Are you upset of how your dreams were shattered as you watch the movies and mainly the reboots?

This is what I went through and it’s a mixture of rant and what I want!

Both Sam Raimi and Marc Webb got a lot of things right, but it isn’t enough, or may be not enough for a hardcore fans like us.

I been watching the 60's Spider-man since I was a kid then followed lil to few comics and then 90's Spider-man and so on. So I always been Spider-man fan, and hes been my favorite super hero, (second being batman)

Back in 2002

Yes, it was a beautiful day, when I saw Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, and I was like YEAH BABY!

I loved everything, the spider, the man, the organic webbing, the kiss, the costume, YES, and I wanted more!

Than 2 years later, Mr. Raimi, comes out with a sequel and I was so eager to go watch it! but unfortunately I couldn't, and waited a lot for the VHS/VCD to come out and I got it and saw it!

I wasn't as pleased with the plot but I still loved it!

i felt a bit uneasy that DOC OCK killed himself, I never thought such an ending, i wanted him to go and hide and come back with sinister six or something, LOL

oh well, then 2 years later, I went for the third part, and my favorite villain VENOM, so much excitement that I couldn't contain it, like a kid! Then when I saw it, it was good, but I kept thinking why kill off harry and Eddie and the symbiote

this is somethings i agreed with. and they got it right

then I heard that there would be a Spider-Man 4 and really wanted carnage to be in it and lizard. But the plans were dropped!

and 3 years before I heard of MARC WEBB going to do THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and I was like “yaay”, my dreams come true, a real web shooter!!! the lizard!!!

But the concept drawing of spider suit and lizard, got me a lil worried, but hell its spidey and in 3 effin D with spider-man's first person view!!

I went for it at the theatres in 3D for the 1st person view of swinging, “yeah its gonna be AWESOME!” I told myself.

I came out with with a big disappointment??!! And I lied to myself to keep myself happy, but when I discussed with my friend they were equally thrown off.

even though I liked many things and I had high hopes for Andrew because of what I saw in his pre-release interview, but that’s not peter parker! And that’s not lizard, it felt like some spin off or parody of spider-man. And I lost all hope, kept status updates and discouraged people from watching it and ranted out about how bad it was.( yea i been ranting since so long )

Then I heard the second movie was in production, and he made changes to the suit and theres going to be electro, and its Jamie foxx, honestly I don’t like jamie's acting! And I was like don’t know what hes gonna cook with this!

Then there came the concepts and I was like AWESOME SUIT!!! And made up my mind of going and watching the movie since there was rhino in it..

Well, my girlfriend was in town so I asked and forced her to come with me (as she isn’t a spidey fan, pfft) and well, I was filled with regrets, the movie was in 3D and I dint like it, I liked some scenes and hated the rest of the movie, I hated it the most, it was juvenile and not worth any of my penny! I cursed him (WEBB) in my mind, for making such a BAD movie! and Paul Giamatti, rhino, (though the rhino machine is bad ass!), but was simply horrible and the plot was juvenile, and i cried inside with regrets and i actually said out loud," look at rhino such a nice guy, hes letting spider-man talk to that kid and make him understand! such a sweet guy)

and after the movie Though I acted all cool in front of my girlfriend like I enjoyed it. though the saving grace was that Gwen died, because that was sad/good part for my girlfriend as she felt now the movie is going somewhere! (which was actually nowhere)

why on earth was there an itsy bitsy spider reference? I almost threw up in my mouth!


Which is your Favorite Spider-Man Movie?

NO, YOU CANNOT DO THIS WITH SPIDER-MAN!! (again what screen junkies got right here)

i hope that madam webb, would forgive Marc Webb for sinning with the spider-man franchise and make sure that no more of this sin was committed.

and soon I felt relieved when I heard that Marc Webb wont be doing spider-man, and that's when i, as a fan, its my responsibility to write the perfect story for spider-man (yes, hilarious indeed)

And its too soon for another reboot if any and to watch uncle Ben die again, come on give that man a lil more screen time, and im definitely sick and tired of the monotonous spider-man franchise! So lil of comic and so much of drama!

The animated series of Spider-man packed more punch than the movies! That's when I realized, Spider-Man isn't meant for the big screen, because its more than that!

He deserves a high end TV series with the budget as of game of thrones! And so making that my point I started writing a story for a future movie or series! But it needs to be like this because no one, except us FANS who will understand, how BAD the live action series have been.

So what all I included in my story is in brief over here, and I guess you fans might agree with this!

And I checked all the reviews and honest trailers to help me with the audience and public point of view that I should know before writing down anything!

Spider-Man Series or Movie (I would sit and watch the movie even if it was 3-4 hours, and it should be cause there’s so much to show from the start)

Spider-man needs to be 15 and 18+: I need gore, venom needs gore, morbius needs gore, man spider needs gore! You can’t do PG to spider-man, it’s not just for kids,it’s for us adults too, who love and loved spidey as we were kids! Kids can watch the censored and PG version, I needn’t!

The struggles of peter parker: is a well-documented fact and I never seen it any movies.

Though sam kind of portrayed it, and it was nice!

Costume tribute: I feel his costume should evolve not brainstorm into the red and blue costume (sam raimi got it right), it should start from raw and he works on it to make it better. Takes suggestion from fans and all that kinda stuff

Whats the use of his costume white eyes, how does he see through it, what is it made of? And so many other questions!

The science of the web-shooter: well its now obvious that web is the strongest material in the world. And how peter doesn’t make a web shooter on day 5! It should be a thing he figures out eventually when need arises or he feel he needs a lasso! And also in the comics the web from the shooters dissolves in about 2 hours. So why not use it!? and how he tweaks it, from a bulky cartridge (yes I love the cartridge concept) to a sleek shooter with different shooting abilities

The concept of sticking to walls: how does peter know that he can stick to walls? How does he stick to walls through cloth? Is it just his palms and feet that can stick or is there more?

What about shoes?: if peter is wearing nothing but his spandex sock as his footwear, does it hurt him when he runs over debris?

his superhuman healing power, and spider sense, how they work.

Villians shouldn’t die: yes, I don’t like good people becoming bad and eventually ending themselves or getting killed, they should be contained by a super maximum prison or something (same as what they did with magneto in xmen twice)

STAN LEE’s Cameo: I really liked what ultimate spider-man did with stan lee, they made him a undercover shield agent, that is kind of cool, though I would really like him to be peter’s grand father. And he said it to Richard and ben parker, as they were growing up, and that passed onto peter, so much awesomeness right there!

Other superhero cameos: just like what ultimate spider-man did with this concept, it would be awesome!


who would you like or want to be Peter Parkers Love interest in the next re-reboot of the Spider-Man Movie/Series


I need chameleon, scorpion and shocker, I like the concept of how the machines controlled doctor octopus but I dint like the way he died, I want Adrian Toomes.

I want hammer head, and a backstory of how he got a strong metal head. Flashbacks depicting each villians story, in continuity apart from being introduced all of a sudden and they eventually become a super villain and tries to ruin peter/spideys life! King Pin and his strange henchmen along with tombstone, and Alistair smythe

Eddie Brock, how he knows peter, way before the symbiote incident!

I want Norman Osborn to be a mastermind, and harry to be there from the start not go away and come back with the creepiest smile! Of course there are honorable mentions such as curt conners, kraven, rhino, Quinton beck Mysterio and our all time favorite, J. Jonah Jameson! Yea, he is an annoying menace! (and J.K. Simmons did it perfectly!)

conclusion: Sam Raimi's spider-man did more justice to the comic than Marc Webb's, and next whoever handles spider-man, my request to them would be don't miss out on things spider-man and Peter Parker are known for! Lets hope they add comedy, where spider-man doesn't sound like a wise guy and sounds more like a guy with a proper sense of humor. and i really would like to be able to hear spider-mans/peter parkers thoughts, or talk to himself, it causes a connection between us and the character. villians need to reoccur, there should be gore and language and scenes to show enough pain and horror. less cgi preferebly, and mainly it should feature the tale of peter parkers struggles.

i have not been able to complete this, started on 4th of april on doc and now here it is !


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