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Hardcore slasher fans collectively slumped with apathy when MTV revealed its TV Scream mini-series wouldn't feature the signature Ghostface mask, but now we have finally been treated to a blurry peek of the new "darker" incarnation.

The new mask flashes up for less than a second in the official trailer for the MTV show, but take a look at the clearest screen shot I could get of it below:

While the majority of Scream fans and Wes Craven himself weren't pleased with the new mask, Bob Weinstein, who produced the original movies, has revealed one of the reasons why the show adopted a new mask. He explained:

The [new] mask itself plays a story element, and that is different from Scream the movie. It ties in specifically to the story. The mask has an importance; it’s not a mask for mask’s sake

While changing up the appearance of the mask might make sense to increase the element of surprise, as well as the mystery story element Weinstein has raised, the decision to change the voice is genuinely baffling.

Roger Jackson, the man behind Ghostface's terrifying booming voice, has also been excluded from the MTV series, but that didn't stop him from making a comment on the new mask. He told the press:

I can’t picture it. How can you have Scream without Ghostface? It’s like Friday the 13th without Jason

If you haven't made your mind up about the series yet, watch the trailer below and see if it tickles your fancy:


Do you like the new Ghostface mask?

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