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Superstars have all the fun, don't they? A fact evidenced in some brilliant marketing by WB, as the cinematic giants recently teamed up with sports news site Bleacher Report to send Los Angeles Clippers center, and life long Batman super-fan DeAndre Jordan to the Batman Exhibit at the Warner Bros. VIP Studio Tour Hollywood to unveil Batman's latest set of wheels.

The three minute video shows off Ben Affleck's hulking mass of a Batsuit, which, when compared to Superman's (Henry Cavill) is far more muscular. Which is a feat in itself. The new Batsuit also sports steel capped knuckles and boots, which obviously means Batman is tired of f*cking about in his older age.

Ben Affleck as Batman
Ben Affleck as Batman

The new Batmobile, designed by Dennis McCarthy and Patrick Tatopoulos, is 20 feet long, 12 feet wide at the back, and has a, totally casual, machine gun turret on its nose. The vehicle also raises up when when jumping, and lowers itself to the ground when "cruising" for better aerodynamics.

The new Batmobile
The new Batmobile

Jordan was astute with his description when he remarked that the new Batmobile looked something between "a tank, a car and a plane." It's Batman, we'd expect nothing less.

Check out the video and prepare to be a little bit more excited than you were previously for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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New Batmobile: Yes? No?

(Source: Bleacher Report)


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