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Last weeks episode of The Vampire Diaries really set the scene for Elena taking the cure and realizing her dream of becoming a mother, but what use is that if she can't settle down with the love of her life, Damon Salvatore?

Wetpaint are theorizing that Delena might get their happily ever after thanks to the existence of a second cure safely tucked away in the 1903 prison world, but is this really plausible and, is giving two people their human live's back such a great idea?

One Cure's Enough

There's no escaping the fact that Nina Dobrev is walking out of Mystic Falls for good at the end of this season, and having one cure is a great plot devise to allow her to do this without meeting a grisly end.

If Damon does indeed give Elena the cure, it will be tragic that the pair cannot live out eternity together, but it will also be the ultimate selfless sacrifice and help to paint his character in a glowing light for the season finale. A decision that will move Delena fans to tears, but really prove the genuine worth of Damon and Elena's relationship.

With all of the bumps in the road of Delena's love story, it only seems fitting that they end up as star-crossed loves whose fate prevented them from having their happy ending.

Also, would it really make sense for a human Elena to leave on her own? The idea of both Elena and Damon regaining their human lives and then separating seems unfathomable, and let's not even consider the idea that we might lose Damon as well.

Of course, there is no guarantee that Elena will be the person who ends up taking the cure and, with the way things generally go down in Mystic Falls, her one shot at human life could be snatched from her at the last minute.

Regardless, one cure leads to way more drama, suspense and heartbreak which, while upsetting for the characters, makes great TV for us fans!

Two Cures Are Better Than One

Not everyone is of the less is more mindset and I'm sure a large segment of the fandom would love to see another cure introduced to the mix.

This could, of course, mean that both Damon and Elena could become human and have a family together, but knowing Mystic Falls, this happiness probably won't come to pass.

If indeed both Damon and Elena manage to get their hands on the cure, I have a feeling Elena will be killed just as they think everything in going to be okay. Making both of them human when we know Elena is leaving doesn't make sense and a human Damon without his love to guide him through the experience would be an interesting view.

After all, the older Salvatore hasn't felt the true warmth of humanity wash over his body in years and his feelings will be so fresh and raw to him, especially if there is a life-altering bereavement for him to deal with.


How many cures would you like to see in season six?

(Source: Wetpaint)


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