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Free Comic Book Signing Day In London!

Yes, Titan Comics has revealed that there will be a FREE signing event which will tie in with FREE Comic Book Day which will happen on Saturday 2nd May in London. Titan have said they will be releasing a free and special Comic Book Day edition of the Doctor Who Comics which feature the 10th, 11th and 12th Doctor in 3 brand new and amazing stories! This event is to happen in the Forbidden Planet London Megastore on this date. This isn't to be missed if you are a Comic Book lover! (Also a Doctor Who lover!)

What Are These Magazines?

Travel through Time and Space in these brand new Magazines. They feature 3 Doctors in 3 Stories. 10th Doctor has his own Story in every issue, 11th Doctor has his own Story in every issue. Finally 12th Doctor has his own Story in every issue. These magazines are written and designed by the brilliant and ongoing Doctor Who comics creative teams.

Comic Book Signing - Forbidden Planet Megastore - London - Saturday 2nd May

Want to get your hands on the FREE SPECIAL EDITION copy of the magazine? You best get there really early as there is only a certain amount. Not only that writers Al Ewing and Rob Williams will be signing these Special Editions of the magazines. That is unmissable. Not only that. Oh no, copies of Doctor Who: Eleventh Doctor volume 1: Afterlife will also be signed by these 2!

Other Forbidden Planet stores will be having this event but the signing WILL ONLY happen in LONDON!

Basically DON'T miss out on this!


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