ByAlec Ematrudo, writer at

AMC's The Walking Dead is without a doubt in my mind, one of the best shows I have seen. That being said, it is not without it's flaws. These flaws however, are relatively small and can easily be overlooked. The show's ensemble cast is filled with amazing actors all of whom are vastly underrated seeing as that they aren't winning the Emmy's they deserve. The show itself has just wrapped it's fifth season and judging by the ever increasing great ratings and sheer number of people who tune in weekly, this show isn'y going anywhere soon. With the spinoff show premiering this summer, we can expect "Dead" to be on our television screens for a long time to come. This can be attributed to the above mentioned cast, the amazing team of writers that keep us at the edge of our seats, and sometimes a little sleepy, the amazing directors, virtually every member of the crew, and the man himself, Greg Nicotero. Even the harshest critics of the show cannot find gripes with Nicotero (and his team's) amazing makeup effects. Being someone who has not missed an episode since the show's premiere on Halloween 2010, I can honestly say that this show has gotten better with every season. The acting, writing, and story has improved with each season. It's always a pleasure to see a show get better with age then worse. Yes, the show does occasionally struggle with pacing but there is always a pay off to slower-paced storylines. For anyone on the fence about trying the show out, I'd say just give it a shot. If you're not hooked after Frank Darabont's outstanding pilot episode, then you will definitely be hooked by the end of the show's 6 episode first season. The show continues to get better and I cannot wait to continue riding the roller-coaster that is AMC's The Walking Dead, this fall.


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