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Clark Raymond Graves Jr.

What could there be left to say about Man of Steel and subsequently BVS:DoJ that hasn't already been said? There have been many fans that are all for how DC is going about making their cinematic universe, and it seems that there are almost as many who aren't. I feel that much of the criticism thrown their way is unwarranted, unjustified, and eventually those same critics are going to have some dispersing/reappearing Homer Simpson memes coming their way.

First let's start off with Man of steel. Financially man of steel was a success making over $660 million world wide. While some may point to other movies in the genera (TDK, TDKR, AVENGERS, ect) and say 660 million is just kind of meh, MOS made more money than both Iron Man and Batman Begins which were the beginning of their respective movie franchises/cinematic universe. With Marvel's latest critical and financial success Guardians of the Galaxy making $770 million at the box office MOS really wasn't that far behind.

There was a lot of anger twords how "Superman" handled the kryptonian invasion, but the thing is he didn't become Superman until the very end of the movie. The first evidence of this is the name of the movie it self, Man Of Steel. That's because it wasn't a movie about superman, it was a movie about a nomad trying to figure out his place in the world, never getting to close to anyone or anything, helping anyone he came across that needed it. Eventually realizing his place is to be a part of humanity, to help the entire world. Further more his name in the credits is Clark Kent/Kal El, and he's only referred to as superman one time.

Another big criticism many fans had with MOS is all the death and destruction caused by Kal and the other kryptonians (most of which being blamed on Kal). Let me start of by pointing out it was Kal's first day trying out this superman persona, not only that but when you think about it, it's the first fight he's ever been in in his entire life. So him not really ever experiencing what would happen if he had to fight in a populated area, coupled with the fact that these beings that are as dangerous as he is are threatening his middle aged mother, and you can see why he went a little crazy and caused some destruction in Smallville. As far as all the destruction caused to Metropolis most of that destruction was caused by the other kryptonians and the world engine.

"My Superman doesn't kill" is an ignorant and out dated line that a lot of people were complaining about once they saw MOS for the first time. While Superman is highly apposed to killing he has done so in situations where it was warranted like the one in MOS. In Superman 2 the donnar cut he depowers zod, feora, and non before letting them fall to their deaths in the fortress of solitude. There is a deleted scene where you can see them being arrested, but it was deleted so it doesn't count. He also killed Zod and company in an issue of superman which was canon for almost 30 years. There have also been multiple times out of cannon where he has killed like injustice, and speeding bullets. While you might say those aren't cannon and they are in another universe, well so are the movies. Not to mention beating Doomsday to death in the middle of metropolis or more recently ripping him in half. So it has been shown while he is strongly adverse to killing if the situation calls for it he will kill. And like I alluded to earlier since he really wasn't superman yet he may have adopted his "no kill" rule by the time we see him in BVS:DOJ.

Moving along to more recent criticism of the aforementioned [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870). Some feel DC is moving to fast trying to play catch up with marvel that they're introducing new characters to quickly. When you think about it though they really aren't introducing that many unknown characters. Bat-Man and Alfred need no real introduction considering there have been 7 Bat-Man movies in the last 25+ years. Wonder Woman is pretty well known already so if they just give a quick run threw her origin they can save all the non essential things for her movie coming out the fallowing year and focus more on the story they're trying to tell in BVS:DOJ. Aquaman and Cyborg are just cameos so they really won't add much to they story. Lex Luthor is another pretty well know character so he won't really need to much of an introduction except he's as rich and as intelligent as Bruce Wayne, doesn't trust Superman, and while he wants what's best for humanity he wants to make sure his interests and goals aren't negatively affected in obtaining it. So they really aren't rushing their films like the nay sayers would like you to believe.

Let me preface my next point by saying I do enjoy most of the marvel movies I've seen. Marvel and DC are two completely different companies (thanks for that astute and mind blowing commentary captain obvious). The reason I am pointing this out is because some believe that since Marvel has had major success using a similar formula for their movies, DC should do the same. Well the difference is Marvel makes movies for the most part that are popcorn flicks, they're good for entertainment in a big theater on a big screen with surround sound, but when viewed multiple times they lose something in my opinion. Where as DC movies to me for the most part get better the more you watch them. There is very little substance in a Marvel movie for the most part. One example would be GOTG, it was a fun light hearted movie with some enjoyable characters and cool scifi scenes. But after the novelty of seeing it for the first time wears off you see that scenes like when Star Lord gives Gamora his mask to breath in space and doesn't automatically die, or when Ronnin the main antagonist of the film is confused and subsequently beaten by Chris Pratt dancing like an idiot. While it is kind of funny it really takes away any sense of villainy his character tried to convey in the film. Captain America: TWS has been the only Marvel movie to try to buck this trend so far it seems. On the other side of the spectrum we have DC. While not part of the DCCU movies like the Dark Knight Trilogy and the Watchmen(which in my opinion is the best comic movie ever made) have a very similar tone to MOS. No superhero movie is ever going to be super (pun intended) realistic, but in these DC movies there is a very real very human sense of loss, tragedy, and responsibility. Couple that with thought provoking story telling and plots, and you have a completely different approach to what Marvel is trying to accomplish.

Just like in the comic book world there is room for both universe's to thrive, and you don't need choose just one. Everyone seems to be judging DC off of where Marvel is at now, instead of realizing that BVS:DOJ is more comparable to The Incredible Hulk in a sense, because that was the second movie in the MCU. All and all this is a great time to be a comic fan.


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