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When it comes to JRPGs, it's renowned throughout the industry that they can be pretty difficult to connect with at times. There is a tremendous amount of grinding that seems to come hand in hand with the RPG format that Japan continuously employs. It can put a lot of people off, and it's unfortunate that it does. Some of my favourite games of this generation have been Japanese, and when players who normally avoid them take a look at the trailer for Persona 5, it's no wonder that they become intrigued.

But the Megami Tensei's series hasn't always been that accessible. Some of the games are extremely difficult and of course their story-lines can be pretty insane, and kind of a chore to follow at times. But they are immensely rewarding if you're willing to put in a hell of a lot of hours. But is Persona 5 going to be an easy point for players to jump into? I'd really love it if Persona fans gave their opinions on playing Persona 5 fresh on its release date for the PS4 and PS3.

Persona 5
Persona 5

Could Persona 5 Be Accessible for New Players On its Release Date?

The Persona series is extraordinary. It's filled with some really great combat, fantastic characters, wacky story-lines and a beautiful art design. As you've seen with Persona 5, the Persona series' cinematics are generally outstanding. I myself have only played 3 and 4, though I've dabbled with other Tensei games like Nocturne in the past. One thing that the Persona series is famous for though, is its characters and they've garnered a lot of fans!

There are some glorious personalities in the Persona universe, and it's one of the series' great pleasures watching some of them grow up from game to game. I undoubtedly missed out on some references from Persona and Persona 2, but I felt like 3 grounded me enough to understand the world to the extent that I could enjoy Persona 4 immensely. Therefore, a good few references and appearances may be lost on newcomers with Persona 5 on its release date. But does that mean that new players won't be able to hop straight in? Should they play 3 or 4 first?

Persona 5
Persona 5

Personally, I think that at least Persona 4 should be played and experienced before jumping into Persona 5. It gives you an introduction to the combat system, the style and the characters. Its world is very unique, and I think seeing how it will have undoubtedly evolved in Persona 5 will be one of the main reasons to get excited about it.

It'll lend an additional degree of enjoyment on the release date of Persona 5. If players also want to go back to Persona 3, you can see how much the combat has evolved as well, though it may be frustrating. The combat certainly has its issues in Persona 3, but the story is so engaging that it's not really a reason to stay away from the game!

Persona 5
Persona 5

In my opinion, you should experience one of the pother Persona games before leaping into Persona 5. If you really want to commit to the series, you can travel all the way back to the originals, though they can be hard to get a hand of, and I found them way too difficult to engage with, even as a fan. But who knows? Maybe you'll be more devoted to the series than me!

There is so much to enjoy in the Persona games, literally hundreds of hours! If Persona 5 looks like something you'd like to pick up on its release date for the PS4 or the PS3, then I recommend checking out the series' past! What do you say Persona fans? Let us know in the comments!


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