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The similarities between [Frozen](movie:411685) and [The Avengers](movie:9040) are more extensive than you might think. They are both owned by Disney, both became two of the most profitable movies of all time, and both inspired two of the most fervent fandoms ever. You can tell a devoted fan by this reaction whenever an ill-advised critic speaks out of turn.

It's only natural to imagine what would happen if these two dynamic worlds converged. Now, thanks to the wonder of Imgur and the creativity of user opsenatorr, we no longer have to worry. Here's a day in the life of the Avengers and the royal family of Arendelle when both groups decide on a movie night.

Anna and Elsa, reunited again, take some sisterly time to catch a movie

But what to see?

There's really only one viable option, and it's staring them right in the face

In typical fashion, Elsa is skeptical and Anna is ecstatic.

Christoph and Olaf are crashing

Clearly they didn't get the memo that this is a sisters' night out.

150 minutes later...

It's safe to say that they enjoyed it. Immediately following their exit from the movie theater, Christoph tripped Olaf, and this happened.

He returned to normal when the gang reminded him of summer.

But wait, there's more!

Steve, Tony, and Thor have planned a similar girls night out, and they just miss Elsa and her grup from Arendelle.

There's no turning down the highest-grossing animated film of all time

Tony and Steve know quality when they see it. Thor's just there for long, luscious blond locks in stunning 3D.

They linger in the theater way past the credits

And emerge...

Brozen in action

Tony identifies with Elsa's natural superiority and unparalleled abilities that cause less powerful people to question her. Steve sees Anna's conviction and pure love for her sister and can't help but feel a tug at the heartstrings. And...Thor just wants to play in the snow.


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