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Nearly a decade ago, my sister and I grabbed a disposable camera and began to take funny, random pictures in our room. With our frizzy bed hair and Paul Frank pajamas, we made hilariously grotesque faces at each other, posed with silly props, and took double chin selfies.

Once we got the photos developed, we noticed a small figure with a face floating around in a majority of our photos. To this day, we have no idea who - or what -this entity was.

It is comforting to know my sister and I aren't the only ones who have caught the appearance of the unknown on camera. Check out these eye-popping photos and decide for yourself. Do they prove that the dead walk among us?

1. Real Life Frank From Donnie Darko

The ghost of a lunatic who escaped from an asylum in Virginia appears every so often on the days leading up to Halloween. He always appears to be wearing a bunny suit costume. This is one tunnel I would not want to walk through.

2. The Ghostly Prisoner

West Virginia State Penitentiary has quite the vicious reputation, with 36 homicides and 94 executions that had savagely occurred within these brick walls. Many have said to feel a strange, dark presence, and perhaps this photo proves one man is imprisoned for eternity.

3. Her Husband Has Her Back

This picture of a man's widowed grandma shows that Grandpa might have physically left her, but has no intention of spiritually disappearing. Aw! That's what I call true love.

4. A Message from the Thing?

In 1968, as her husband was innocently wrapping gifts for Christmas, a lady caught this picture of a hand on her television screen just before it disappeared. The terrifying part of it all is that the TV was supposedly turned off...

5. No Need for a Babysitter

I suppose if you're going to have a ghost haunting you, it might as well help with light chores like clean up and some nannying.

6. Hubby with Some Chores

A lady in the 1930s took photos of her house to have parts of it renovated. Once she developed this photo, she discovered the ghost of her husband, who had died in the middle of remodeling parts of their house. He obviously had some unfinished business to do.

7. Slender Man Sighting

Could this possibly be Slender Man walking amongst a group of children with his featureless face? I really hope the kids do not develop "slender-sickness."

8. Spooky Spectator

Spirits have no need to exercise anymore, but it doesn't mean they don't enjoy watching a lively game of basketball every so often.

9. She Didn't Do Her Hair for Nothing

In an '85/'86 school photo, an unidentified "student" was discovered in this photo placed in a trophy case in El Paso High School. Strange to note that this girl doesn't appear in the negatives.

10. Three Funny Faces

This boy and his mother are incredibly unsuspecting, as a supposed member of their family peers at them from the door. The lady at the door is thought to be the little boy's grandmother.

11. Ghost of Railroad Crossing

This soul must have wanderlust hard. Perhaps she wants to get on a train, see the sights, and travel far and wide.

The possibility of ghosts floating among us seems fairly high as photo after photo casually captures their presence in our everyday lives. Perhaps some need help moving on, and maybe some are here to aid us.

[Source: eBaum's World, Complex]


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