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There are times when I stand in front of my closet with absolutely NO IDEA what I am going to wear. I try on five different shirts, a few pairs of pants, and should I wear this gold necklace or my felt choker? Converse or boots?!

And then I wish it was completely acceptable to walk around naked and free, with not a stitch of clothing to worry about.

These 11 cosplayers have the right idea, as they are wearing next to nothing. With just one thin layer of paint, they portray some of our most favorite characters, and damn is it sexy.

1. Paint as Light as a Web

Lárus Sigurðarson

I wonder how long it took him to paint the webbing. Such phenomenal line work!

2. Darth Vader

I Love Body Art

My favorite part about this are the painted sleeves and the rippling details on the side of her arm. That is too realistic.

3. I'm Willing to Be Her Prey

Fashionably Geek

This version of Predator is bordering scary and sexy, which is a look most people cannot pull off.

4. Baby Death Star

Hopefully this baby won't be born with a super-laser capable of destroying the entire planet.

5. Slow Poison

Fashionably Geek

I can't be the only one green with envy! Poison Ivy is looking hot.

6. Skeletora

York In a Box

My favorite part about this is the shading in her face. the various tones of green highlight her already piercing eyes. So fierce!

7. Boba Fett

I Love Body Art

The shading on this Boba Fett is so flattering on the model's body. She is looking toned in all the right places.

8. Mother/Daughter

Northern Belle Rogue

This half Mystique, half Rogue body paint is badass. Even her eyes appear as different colors! This is one brutal two-for-one villain I do not want to mess with.

9. Batgirl

Photography by Joey D

She may be the daughter of evil, but she is looking entirely good.

10. Wanda Wilson


Lady Deadpool is looking stunning in black and red. Beware of her weapon: her killer looks - not the katana behind her back.

11. The Human Throne


This version of the Iron Throne made of humans looks a little more comfortable than one made of blades of swords and knives and barbed steel.

Forget your fabric and sewing machine. All you need is some paint and maybe a mirror to help get some of the more difficult spots. I don't know about you, but I am feeling insanely creative.

[Source:, I Love Body Art]


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