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While my usual workout regime involves standing up and walking to and from my refrigerator, sometimes I'm able to trick myself to go to the gym for a hard, but brief, workout. Although I normally feel deterred by my profuse sweating, heart pounding, and my constant quoting of Ling's line from Mulan, "Boy was I a fool in school for cutting gym," looking at DAREBEE's visual workouts are motivating me to hit the gym with their film and television inspired plans.

Now, there's no promising that doing these will make you look like Batman or Buffy Summers, but trying a new one every so often definitely could kickstart getting into better shape!


When Bruce Wayne faces any of his enemies he needs to be in prime fighting shape. It might not be the League of Shadows, but it's a good start!

Hunger Games

This visual workout plan is probably more help than Haymitch would have been to me had I been in the Hunger Games.

Game of Thrones

Jon Snow knows nothing, except for how to keep in killer shape protecting the Wall.


Sure, Clark Kent really doesn't have to do much to stay in shape, but if you want to look like the Man of Steel, it's gonna take some serious effort.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Even though she's the Slayer and has a bit of a physical advantage Buffy still has to be able to run, punch, and stab to keep the big bad away.

The Avengers

No matter which side of the Civil War you're going to be on, it'll help to be in tip-top fighting shape.

Jurassic Park

I'm sure it doesn't hurt to have a dinosaur chasing you either.

Star Wars

It might be tempting to use the Force to lift those heavy objects, but you'd probably gain more muscle from doing it the old fashioned way.

Parks and Recreation

Along with working out regularly, Ron Swanson wants us to remember there are other ways to keep healthy. It's also important to remember to stay hydrated...

Universal Television
Universal Television

Enjoy lots of fruits and vegetables...

Universal Television
Universal Television

And, of course, eat plenty of protein.

Universal Television
Universal Television

Check out DAREBEE's page if you want to be further motivated by your favorite movie, TV, and comic book characters. If you think about it, the more of these workouts you do, the more pizza you can eat. That's just plain logic.

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