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I'm a girl who, you know, loves Romance. It was a time that I'd be stuck with them and I'd watch at least 5 in 1 day...well, before I start watching TV series. I still, love 'em and I still watch these type of movies, and every sinlge time I regret it cause I waste tons of tissues, and that ain't good. I have compiled some of my favorites ones. (Not in order) It contains spoilers, so unless you haven't watched any of the following movies, don't read further.

If I stay

I didn't watch this movie when it first got out, cause I wanted to read the book....but I didn't. I was waiting for this movie for like a year and I didn't wanna spend another minute. I'm not into books, I just like watching movies....lots of them. So, I sat down and watched it.

Before the accident, I was like "Oh, oh I know what it'll happen. Please no.". And, yeah, it did happen. I did the stupidest thing, before I saw the movie. I went to Youtube and watched some scenes and so I knew what it'll happen, but still, I hoped it wouldn't. Okay, her parents died in the accident but it was pretty much expected. I didn't know her little brother was going to die and when I saw that scene a tear dropped on my cheek. And then, there's Adam (Jamie Blackley). You kinda hopped you'll find this guy someday, didn't you? Cause I did! I mean, he's the perfect guy. He listens to good and my favorite kind of music. He plays guitar and sings just like me. And he cares! He cares about Mia. He cares about her even when he's far far away, even when she wants to go to a different college to play cello. This guy destroyed me in many ways. He made me cry like a little baby. But I love him, just like you do!

At least, it has a Happy Ending. Well, almost! I have the collection (If I stay/ Where she went) but I haven't got the time to read 'em just yet, but I will, because I really love this movie! And yes, there are some people who just don't like, I don't know why, they just don't. Or there is another type of people who don't like this movie, and they're the ones who haven't watched it yet. Just like one friend of mine. When I first watched it and loved it, I texted her, immediately, and told her that she MUST watch it right now, so I could fangirl with her. She did watch it, and all I can tell you is that she changed her opinion about this movie after the first 5 minutes.

*coughes* I was proud of me *coughes*.

Other than that, I recommend it with all my heart!

The Theory Of Everything

You know this one, huh? It's about the life of Steve Hawking and his ex-wife Jane. I watched this one with my friends in cinema, and I should say that I was the only one who could be heard cause I was swearing after one scene, well, multiple scenes. When Eddie's character started behaving badly, I started swearing. Yeah, I know he's a disabled person, but he doesn't get to mistreat his wife. I almost got kicked out of the room for sharing my opinion....loudly...! But I have to admit, I liked this movie, the actors were great, Eddie and Felicity had chemistry, and I think Steve Hawking's story is a must know one. I surely recommend it, unless you're pretty moody like I am!

Dear John

Okay, before I move on writing my review, you should know that you'll see a bunch of Nicholas Sparks' movies cause I just love 'em!

So, Dear John. Don't you love the movies in which the guys go on to be soldiers....cause I DON'T! They ruin my 'ship'. And, oh men, I'm like "Why Sparks, why? Why you did that?" Yeah, yeah, I know, I talk to myself but it's... meh! Just like the rest of the movies you'll see in my list, I love Dear John. I mean, why wouldn't you like it? (Except for the fact that they send John to be a soldier) It's a romantic movie, you can spend your free time watching it or you can watch it just so you cry. It's your choice! Sinseriously! (Whoever knows the campaign of Stephen Amell, they should know what's I'm talking about) But other than that, Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried are on it! Guess what. I love them both.

A Walk To Remember

Oh man, I hate this movie because it was so moving. I think it's one of the most touching movies and books Sparks ever written. And I was like:

I cried so much when I first watched it. And then I watched it again and again and again. I hated my life. I don't think I've cried like that in another movie, kk, I have: in Keith (It's similar to A Walk to Remember but in this one the boy dies) and in another one wich is on my list and you'll see it. I don't know why a guy like Nicholas wrote these type of books and stories but he should keep it up, cause I'm into them....a lot. What did you do when you watched this movie?

Stop it! Seriously now, Landon, stop it!

Love, Rosie

Aw they're cutie-pies, aren't they? Despite what you think about love, I love love! (Don't know if that makes any sense!) And this movie is all about love, between Rosie and Alex (apparently), Rosie and her daughter and Alex and Rosie's daughter. I recently watched this movie, so it's fresh in my mind. Alex and Rosie have overcome a lot of things, things that you don't wanna wish it to your worst enemy. I know I am exaggerating. Pardon me! But, that's just my opinion. There are lots of other movies on and off my list in which characters have been through a lot, and I'll be sure to mention it. But....

I believe that Lilly and Sam are the perfect cast! The one played in the Mortal Instruments and the other in Hunger Games, and this movie was something different!

The Fault In Our Stars

I'm pretty sure you've all read this book or/and watched the movie. John Green is an excellent writer, one of a kind. Just like Nickolas Sparks, Green 'kills' your favorite characters, pretty much in every single book! I haven't read the book, and I don't want to, because I saw the movie with a friend of mine and I'm sure I don't want to cry over a book. Did you cry? Yeah, you did....Don't lie to me! It was unexpected. We were all prepared for Hazel to die, instead Augustus did, and that sucked!

I already knew who would die, before I watch the movie, cause another friend of mine threw THE spoiler on my face, but, yet, I did cry....I cry a lot!

It's weird, huh? Shailene and Ansel played the siblings in Divergent and in this movie they play the couple! It's odd, right? But still, this movie was ahh *sighs* !

Safe Haven

Who doesn't love this movie?

It's a perfect love story. Husband's wife dies, so he has to take care of his kids by his own and at the same time he has to make a new life (including his children). There are questions in his mind all the time.

"Should I start dating again? Or is it too soon?" "Will my kids like the new woman?" "Will they hate her?" and so on.

On the other hand, there is a girl who is kinda a fugitive, has hurt her hasbund, who's chasing her. The only thing she curves the most is to find a quite place to stay and start a new life.

In other words, Katie and Alex want the very same thing. To start a new life. To start over.

It's not just a romantic and full of drama movie. For me it's a little a good way. I mean, a mysterious woman decides to stay near to Katie. She never appears anywhere other than the woods. She never tells her story. And at the end of the movie we see that this woman was Alex's wife, who's dead. It's kinda magical, because a woman that has passed away, 'comes back to life' just because she wants to see if her family is happy and because she wants to find the right woman for her husband without judging her or something.

Waiting For Forever

Some people will find this movie silly and without meaning.

Well, I disagree. I think this movie is innocent and so genuine. It shows the mutual but secret love feelings two young people have for each other. Waiting For Forever illustrates something extra-ordinary. Something that doesn't come easily nowadays. This love that can demand you where to go. This kind of love that makes you do crazy things. This kind of love that makes you love love.

The actors are so sweet, beautiful and true.

When you see the love that Will has for Emma, you'll be like "Why can't guys like Will exist these days?"

The Best Of Me

Okay, this movie destroyed my life. I had THE perfect idea to watch it 14th February. Yeah, yeah, I know, I shouldn't have done that....but I didn't know that the main actor will die in the end and that I'll start to cry so much that I could fill a bottle up....I didn't know.

I knew that someone would die, but I didn't expect that this someone would be Dawson. I have no idea why I liked this movie so much. Maybe because it's a romantic movie. Maybe because it's one of Sparks' movies. Maube just because.

I have no words about Best Of Me. I liked it so much that I'd watch it everyday, and I still do. I do hate Sparks, though, for his novels and movies, cause they make me cry.

The actors had chemistry. They were so genuine and simple. It's the kind of love story you want for yourself (minus the part where the guy dies).

I left it for the end, cause I wanted it to be the last thing I'll write on this list. I loved that movie and I highly recommend it to those who just love love stories, like I do.


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