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Last week was definitely a big slam dunk for movie fans as they got three new, huge trailers for three major summer blockbusters: Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and The Fantastic Four.

There's so much to talk about, so much to read. We're starting to see the "raindrops" of the summer movie "storm" that's going to hit oh...say May 1st when Avengers: Age of Ultron slams into theaters. There are so many exciting, new things in this new Fantastic Four trailer, so let's get right to it! First up, the trailer!

Now that you're (hopefully) thoroughly excited and confused, we can start on our little exploration of the trailer.

Dr. Storm And His Project

Dr. Storm (as seen above) apparently has spent the last six years and millions of dollars doing nothing for...the US government maybe. They've given up on Dr. Storm. That is until...

Meet Reed Richards

Reed Richards knows answers to questions that Dr. Storm and his lab don't know to ask yet. At this point he already has the incredible super power of smartness. It's a good thing Dr. Storm found this guy!

Baxter Building

Enter Baxter Building. This is a Fantastic Four movie so don't say you were surprised to see it already. Is where Dr. Storm works, where the lab might be?

Cliche #1: Planet Earth Needs Saving

By gosh, ain't that a surprise too! Go figure. It's a superhero movie, and the whole world's in danger. Let's just hope the rest of the movie isn't so straightforward.

Meet Sue Storm

Sue Storm is the daughter of Dr. Storm, so we can expect some type of tragic event to occur with Dr. Storm as the lead. This will probably cause character development in not only Sue Storm, but the other Fantastic Four heroes. You can expect a love story between Reed and Sue also.

You Want To Be Famous?

"You want to be famous?" Sue asks Reed. "No, Reed replies, "I just want my work to make a difference." Well son, it's your lucky day. You're going to be famous and you're going to make a difference.

Meet Johnny Storm

He doesn't take orders well, especially from guys who say Johnny doesn't take orders well. He drives real fast like he's from a Fast and Furious movie, he's pretty chill looking, and he has a broken arm. Say, I wonder where he got that broken arm from? So could this be after the Fantastic Four time travel? Or maybe he was pull off the streets by Dr. Storm, who then healed Johnny's arm.

Emergency? Call The Muscle.

Ben Grimm, the man and the muscle. This guy is destined for a pretty rocky future. If Reed Richards has any trouble, he'll call the muscle to help him out. And thus...the fellowship of the supers is formed.

Cliche #2: We're Not One Big Happy Family

What would a Fantastic Four movie be without a little cliche plot? For example, the four heroes seem to not be on the best terms now, but they'll have to work together anyways to solve a common problem. That's a pretty good cliche too. I approve.

Cracking Inter-Dimensional Travel

Because that's what people like the Fantastic Four do. They crack inter-dimensional travel and make history.

Welcome to Hell

Wait, is that hell? Where are they? That, my friends, I don't believe we'll know until August 7, 2015. However, we can take a few guesses. I'm guessing some obscure wasteland dimension with no name. How this is going to help save Earth is a mystery to me, which is why I'm so very much excited to see these heroes have a second chance at the big screen!

Grab My Hand!

Because good plans always go awry in good movies. What happens? I have to know. Maybe we'll find out what exactly is going on in the next trailer. Something happens that causes everyone to panic, the plan to dissolve, and the heroes to suffer. But Reed! For god's sake, grab whoever's hand that is and don't fall to your death!

Cliche #3: Scrap The Plan

Crawling out of wreckage cliche plus fire cliche. This movie is going to be awesome!

The Heroes Go M.I.A.

All Dr. Storm wants to know from someone (whoever the man he's talking to) is where is his children. This is a definite clue that Sue and Johnny are both his children, and Reed and Ben are not. The heroes are missing in action, which is never a good sign.

Behold! The Fantastic Four!

Reed Richards now can stretch.

Johnny Storm now can ignite.

Sue Storm now can turn invisible.

Ben Grimm now can smash.

Cliche #4: The Helicopter

The Army helicopter flying over mountains cliche.

The Ultimate Fix

Good old Reed Richards just wants to fix his friends, and we all admire that. The problem is, is that this movie is a Fantastic Four movie not a Ben Carson movie. There's no fixing yourself or your friends. But Johnny has a better idea!

Use The Powers, Richards

Car racing, arm breaking, John with a fire issue has an idea. Use the powers to help people. With great power comes great responsibility right? Well, I'm in. I want to see him use his flammable torching self for some good!

The Thing And Invisible Woman

Stone-age Hulk!

The Invisible Woman's magical force-field!

A Door Left Open

Whoops! The Fantastic Four left open a door that they don't know how to close! Who's doing the voice-over anyways? Could this be Doom either before or after he's turned Doom? What's a plane doing anyways in that beam of light? Is the world being torn apart?

Cliche #5: Drama!

The dramatic action and voice over sequence cliche.

Flame On, Flame Off

Literally, flame on and flame off. It's that easy. This torch is already looking to be forty thousand times better than Chris Evan's Torch. Hey, I love Chris Evans as Captain America; just not, Chris Evans as The Torch.

Doom Is Coming

Enter Dr. Doom. He looks totally maniacal, strong, and formidable as Dr. Doom. I am very excited to see this new rendition of Dr. Doom. He already looks like he could pose a very dangerous threat to the Fantastic Four.

Cliche #6: Bring Your Best, Fantastic Four!

The if you want to stop him, it's going to take everything you have cliche. This next sequence of action is heart pounding, exhilaratingly, fun and awesome. This movie will bring so much talented super-heroic awesomeness to the big screen.

And so forth...

Send In The Thing

Lastly, when in doubt, send in The Thing. He can get all the dirty work done, like super falling from super jets, super smashing super army stuff, and super posing in super cool lighting.

Well, there you have it. There's my more or less comedic breakdown on the Fantastic Four trailer. Let me know below if you have any thoughts or comments on the upcoming Fantastic Four movie!

The Fantastic Four hits theaters August 7, 2015.


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