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This week has been Christmas for nerdy fans and trailer enthusiasts alike! DC dropped a trailer, LucasFilms dropped a trailer, even Marvel got into the trailer buzz with a surprisingly action-packed [Ant-Man](movie:9048) trailer! Action-packed and Paul Rudd are two things I never thought I'd see together...

Action star of the year here, ladies and gentlemen!
Action star of the year here, ladies and gentlemen!

But I mean, sure, all of those trailers are cool. Of course I'm psyched to see Batfleck battle Superman, and I've been waiting to journey back to the galaxy far, far away since before I was born! Don't question me on the logic of that, there is none - but I still meant it!

But the trailer I'm most excited about that's dropped this week, is the phenomenal [The Fantastic Four](movie:34667) trailer!

F4 is a film that's been shrouded in mystery since its announcement way back in ye olden days. Sure, we've seen set photos and teasers, and we've gotten a great look at the cast, but this is the first time we get an actual solid look at what this movie is going to be like! That's why it stands out amongst the other phenomenal trailers. Whilst everyone was expecting something like the new Star Wars trailer, especially with the celebration being held in Anaheim, the Fantastic Four trailer sort of caught everyone by surprise. It was obvious that with the film being only 5 months away we'd get something new, but this trailer blew everyone's minds with the awesome details it gave us about the upcoming superhero ensemble film!

The one thing we STILL don't know, obviously, is what the plot is about. We know the basics, Reed and the gang travel to an alternate dimension and have their physical attributes vastly changed; giving them all insanely cool superpowers!

Since the film is drawing inspiration from the 'Ultimate' line of Fantastic Four comics published by Marvel, we may know more about the story then we think. Then again, that's only speculation. Luckily, speculation is my favorite word/thing in the world! For instance, I've got a sort of theory about what we'll be seeing in this film once it premieres. The film is heavily inspired by the source material yes, but we do know from past information that 20th Century Fox isn't just copy/pasting the pages of the comic book on to the screen.

Ultimate Fantastic Four
Ultimate Fantastic Four

So what is Fox going to bring to the table that's new? Well, I think that they're going to take a little liberty with the character of Dr. Doom.

Victor Domashev, played by Toby Kebbell, is a former fellow college student and rival of Richard Reed's, and we know from the trailer that he's with them when they go to the alternate world...

Toby Kebbell
Toby Kebbell

Obviously he gets his powers from the alternate world as well. But here's the thing... there are only four pods that go to the alternate dimension.

... There's a huge problem with that. There's four members of the FF, and then there's Doom. So, someone has to stay right? But who? Well, obviously Johnny and Victor go, as we see them suited up. And Reed being the lead scientist on this operation has to go as well. Judging from the source material, it looks like Ben Grimm will be the one to stay back. So Reed, Johnny, Sue, and Victor all go in, but here's where I think the plot twist comes in... In the trailer we get a brief image of one of them falling off a cliff...

Who is this doomed faller? Get it? Because it's Doom, Doom is the one who falls. It's very hard to make out who that is, because of the mask and how fast the scene goes, but I think that Victor falls off the cliff and into what looks like an erupting volcano of sorts. This would explain his look as Doom and why he has such hatred towards them.

See, Doom's look is most likely derived from the source material. In the Ultimate comics, he's not wearing a simple mask and suit of armor. His skin actually MELTS off and is replaced with metal! Freaky stuff, right? It makes sense if he is the man who falls into that lava that's about to pop out of the ground.

Now here's what I think happens next: When you see someone fall into lava, you obviously don't think they're still alive. You begin to mourn because there is absolutely no way that he's alive... right? Except we know, of course, that he is. But Reed and company don't know that, so they don't go down to try and save him. They have no choice but to leave the alternate world and mourn their fallen colleague.

But then, Reed in all his scientific glory, keeps tabs on the alternate world, looking for any anomalies that might be interesting. At this point, they've already come out of the hospital. Reed sees a very large anomaly near the place that Victor "died," and out of guilt for inadvertently causing his death, urges to investigate. This time however, Ben comes with the team and gains powers. Reed, Sue and Johnny got theirs the first trip, and Ben got his when he tried to get them out. In the comics, Ben goes in to save them, and gets hit by the life-changing ray that affects them all.

So they go back in to see what's causing that anomaly, only to find Victor alive and well.... well, not well. More like, alive and completely metal. He's also pissed, very, very pissed. He's angry at them for leaving him for dead, despite them not knowing he was alive. All supervillains do this for some reason, you'd think they'd understand. But nope, villains and logic don't mix, I suppose.

Anyway, not only is Victor metal, but he's also adopted the name 'Doom,' and has tons of hi-tech gear with him. But wait... where did he get this gear? I think that he got it from... wait for it... an alternate dimension!

Look at that portal there, see that plane coming out of it? Well, this means that that portal is sucking in things from alternate worlds. I've no idea how time would work in this deserted and desolate alternate wasteland, but regardless of that, he probably had enough time to gather supplies. Supplies that came from other worlds!

So yes, my theory on the plot of this film is that Victor is left behind. And obviously very angry at this. He uses everything at his disposal to take revenge on those who wronged him. This actually even opens up future sequels to explore what other alternate worlds are out there because when you've got a portal that can take you to different dimensions, you kind of have to use it!


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